Saturday , 15 December 2018

Emmy Rossum “Shameless” Sex Scenes Compilation

DNA from seized elephant ivory unmasks 3 big trafficking cartels in Africa – Science News

A Simple and Powerful Technique for Better Listening – Psychology Today

The Bad American Habits I Kicked in Finland – The Atlantic

How ClassPass and Mindbody Are Killing the Big-Box Gym – The Ringer

Always ask these 8 questions in a job interview – Fast Co

Why fashion brands destroy billions’ worth of their own merchandise every year – VOX

A look inside Ticketmaster’s price-hiking bag of tricks – CBC

These Are the Economies With the Most (and Least) Efficient Health Care – Bloomberg

‘We will get regular body upgrades’: what will humans look like in 100 years? – The Guardian

Emily Ratajkowski Is Topless in a Jungle – The Blemish

I tried a service that promises to fix your hangover with an IV drip — here’s what it was like – Business Insider

‘Narcan parties:’ Drug users overdosing to be brought back to life – Boston

Everything you need to know about Bill Cosby’s sentencing – ABC

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