Escort Sites: Is Paying Better Than Dating?

With the exception of a few old-fashioned romantic types, most men would agree that dating in the conventional sense is a pain in the backside. Taking things a step further, there’s a growing contingency of blokes who genuinely believe paying for escort services is way better than dating.

This would explain why sites and services like Naughty Ads are experiencing a boom in interest and activity right now. Not just among men looking to satisfy their physical urges, but from a huge and varied audience of people from all backgrounds.

Truth is, more men than ever before are warming to the idea of escort services as an alternative to traditional dating. When polled, those who prefer the company of escorts typically offered a selection of several similar reasons for their sentiments.

Of which, the following reasons for preferring paying to traditional dating were the most common of all:

Escorts accept you, warts and all

First up, the fact that it is primarily a business transaction means that an escort will always accept you for the person you are. Irrespective of how weird, wacky or wonderful you may be (or think you are), it’s their job to see the good in you. When dating women in the conventional sense, it often turns out to be the exact opposite – they nitpick you to death until they find a reason to hate you!

They’re a lifeline for the not-so conventionally attractive

We’ll be avoiding the word ‘ugly’ in this instance, because beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, and as men freely admit, there’s a certain type of male look that women generally do not find attractive. If you fall into the bracket of the not-so conventionally attractive and struggle to find a date in the first place, there’s always an alternative option available.

You both know exactly why you are in it

When dating in the conventional sense, you’ve no idea what the other person really wants.  One of you could be in it purely for sexual gratification, the other could have their sights firmly set on your cash. With escort services, you both know exactly why you are in it and can therefore be completely honest with each other from the start. Something that naturally leads to more gratifying and enjoyable experiences.

There’s zero chance of feelings getting hurt

Hooking up with escorts also means doing your sentiments and sensitivities a big favor. Again, given the fact that you both know exactly what you are getting into, there’s no room left whatsoever for hurt feelings. You’re not sitting by the phone expecting them to call you back, or wondering why they’re not answering the phone and pretending you don’t exist a few days later. It is what it is, and it’s pretty fantastic!

It’s a quick and easy way to get the job done

If you have a one-track mind (which a lot of men would admit to having), finding someone who’s as keen as you are on a no-strings-attached quickie isn’t easy. Particularly if you’d prefer to spend the evening with someone attractive, intelligent and let’s face it…safe. With an escort, the whole ‘hit it and quit it’ option is always on the cards, if that’s what you’re after.

Age and status are of no relevance

Escort services can also offer a lifeline to those who may otherwise be considered well and truly outside the realms of the conventional dating scene.  For example, you could be 75, living a relatively sheltered life and have little money to throw around – none of which will prevent you having the time of your life with the escort of your dreams.

You don’t have to go through the usual BS

By way of traditional dating, progressing to a point where it begins to mean anything to either or both of you is a pain. Not to mention, incredibly time consuming and astonishingly expensive. If you’d prefer something quicker, easier, cheaper and free from the usual BS, escort services could be right up your street.

You get to play the field

Last but not least, playing the field in traditional dating circles can land you a reputation as a jerk. Even if you make your intentions crystal clear from the start, you’ll still undoubtedly end up being frowned upon and called every name under the sun. With escorts, everything you do is 100% confidential, 100% of time. Which means that if you want to play the field to your heart’s content, you can do just that.

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