Five Games You Always Wanted To Play But Were Too Young To

Recall the golden age of gaming. A time when pixels danced across the screens to tell tales of adventure, mystery, and excitement. Yet amidst these digital dreams there were certain titles you just weren’t old enough to play due to parental restrictions or age ratings. These titles remain embedded in memories as mysteries that eluded you as a child.

Now as retro gamers and nostalgia seekers, you have an opportunity to revisit those forbidden pixels to experience what you missed out on and see what great experiences might await you now. Here’s a look back at some legendary games you didn’t get to play during your younger years.

Mortal Kombat (1992)

First released in 1992, Mortal Kombat quickly rose to fame for its graphic violence and inclusion of the Fatalities concept that allowed players to execute opponents with graphic accuracy. Due to this game’s controversial nature and controversial themes, many young gamers feared playing it and avoided playing it altogether.

Today, revisiting Mortal Kombat allows you to not only appreciate its contribution to the fighting genre but also see how its franchise has grown into something iconic and successful.

Doom (1993)

Doom revolutionized the first-person shooter genre with its immersive, adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience and graphic violence and demonic imagery that alienated some people. Yet, playing Doom now allows you to appreciate its design as you traverse Mars corridors or battle Hell forces, taking pleasure from the game that inspired future shooters that followed in its wake.

Grand Theft Auto (1997)

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been known to push boundaries and generate controversy, and even its 1997 launch didn’t fail to do just that. Its open world design and the ability to commit virtual crimes made it an instant target for critics. Even today though, many only dream of playing it. Seeing how far the series has come since 1997 and witnessing its legacy unfold is quite fascinating.

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Resident Evil (1996) 

Resident Evil changed horror video gaming with its chilling atmosphere, intricate puzzles, and heart-pounding moments. Unfortunately for younger gamers, Resident Evil‘s M rating was due to gore and horror elements. Today, you can brave its halls again to experience all of the terror and thrills that made this classic such an influential piece.

Silent Hill (1999)

Silent Hill pioneered psychological horror on an entirely new level, its foggy town and disturbing imagery frightening younger players into submission. However, its atmosphere, story, and mind-warping gameplay revolutionized gaming. Exploring Silent Hill as an adult allows you to fully appreciate its depth and craftsmanship. Its influence still resonates in today’s horror genre, making this series must-play material.

Now that you no longer face age restrictions that kept these games out of reach, you have an exciting opportunity to revisit them with fresh eyes. While some may feel outdated now, they all hold an important place in the history of gaming and can remind you of a time when virtual worlds behind an “age gate” seemed vast and mysterious.

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