Game Titles That Make You Think Before Making a Move

The gaming industry has so many titles today that players have a plethora of titles to choose from. Game development studios also make sure to churn out new ones each year or two and make the number of titles grow significantly as both indie and triple-A studios produce games.

There is certain kind of games that belong to all sorts of genres whereas there are others that fall into a specific one. Some people might argue that certain genres are better than others, but it all comes down to personal preference.

For example, some might like to play strategy games as they make you think before making a move. These kinds of games are great for improving decision-making skills and can be pretty fun as they give you the challenge to overcome each new mission. They have different sub-genres to make things even more interesting. Without further ado, here are several such titles:


When you see a game like blackjack, then you’re thinking that this isn’t a strategy game. However, avid blackjack players would disagree with you because there are lots of different blackjack strategies advanced and pro players use. Even those new to the game are looking to find sites that help them with tips on improving your blackjack online or offline, regardless of where they play the game. Learning the rules is a must in this game and once you’re familiar with them, you can go for the various strategies. Before you make your move, you’ll need to think carefully as you can lose or win a round depending on your choice. This is why blackjack is a game that makes you think before making a move.

The Age of Empires Franchise

Any game of this franchise is too good to single out, but you can start chronologically, if you’re looking to play the franchise, or you can go for a certain title or period. If you’re looking to go for a game set during the time of shields and swords, then you’re free to do so. Go for more modern times and you’ll use gunpowder and canons.

Either way, you’re bound to think before creating another worker, or soldier or what technology to upgrade. You’ll need to take care of your citizens too as they need some food and shelter. In short, you’ll need to tackle various issues before making a move. The latest one in the series is Age of Empires IV and it lets you play with various civilizations, but they come with spate challenges as they had different hurdles to overcome.

Rome Total War

If you’re looking to be in charge of it all and find out just what it takes to be a leader of a republic, then Rome Total War will scratch that itch. You’ll be given the reins of a family looking to climb the ladder of power in Rome. The Senate will give you tasks to complete and you’ll have a limited time to do so in. You’ll quell rebellions and conquer territory for the glory of Rome and use the resources to advance your armies and improve your cities.

But you won’t always need to impose your influence with force as diplomacy can lend a hand. If you’re cunning enough you can even send a spy to give yourself the upper hand. In short, you’ll have to do some quick thinking and make important decisions in Rome Total War. You’ll be a governor, general, diplomat, and more. And you’ll feel the consequences of your actions.

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War

Unlike the previous 2 games, this one focuses on the action part mostly. You have a certain semblance of industry, but winning the battle and the war are the things that matter in the first Dawn of War title. You’ll get to pick a faction such as Space Marines, Tau, Orks, Imperials, or others that you seem to like. Then you’ll land on the world of Kronos and your task is to conquer it by wiping out your enemies one by one. There are no alliances or diplomacy at play here which is why you’ll need to pick your troops carefully because not every territory gives you an edge.

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