Incalls VS. Outcalls – What Is The difference?

So, you’re getting ready for your first date through an escort agency – but you have some questions. That’s understandable!

Most people initially wonder what the difference between incalls and outcalls is and which is best for them.

So, keep reading, and we’ll explain it all. We promise you’ll be ready for your first escort date.

What is an incall escort service?

To start things off, let’s go over what an incall escort service is.

Incall means that you travel to where the escort is. That could be going to a hotel to meet them or even to their home (rare, but each escort is different).

You travel to them.

When should you choose an incall visit from escorts?

Sometimes, the escorts agency will give you the choice of choosing either an incall or an outcall visit.


In some cases, you may choose an incall date with your escort of choice. These include:

  • When you don’t want the hassle of having to arrange a space to meet at
  • When you don’t have a place to meet available
  • When you prefer that your experienced escort takes the lead
  • When you want your escort to choose the space so they can do their job as best they can

Outcall services

If you’ve just read what incall escort dates entail, then you most like have guessed what outcalls are.

Outcalls are when the escorts agency sends a worker to you, not the other way around. This can mean that your escort girl will meet you at your preferred place.

But there are a few things to keep in mind.

For example, depending on the escort agency, there might be some requirements for the location of your date. Some escorts will only meet up at their clients’ homes. And some escorts will only meet with clients at hotels below a certain star level or rating.

When is an outcall the best way to go?

Here are a few examples of when an outcall date with your escort would be best:

  • When the escort requires outcall meetups only
  • When you need a specific meeting place for logistical reasons
  • When you want your date to include something like dinner or an activity
  • You have the resources to arrange and pay for a room or space

Can you always choose incall or outcall meetups?

It gets tricky because each escort agency will be a bit different. Some agencies let their clients choose between incall and outcall, while others don’t. And this can be for a few different reasons.

For example, the local laws might require only outcall or incall escort visits. Just be sure to check with the agency before you book, so you can be comfortable knowing what to expect for your date.

Here are a few further tips on how to choose incall or outcall escort dates

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s also cover some more examples that could help you make your choice. Here are some things to remember when booking a date through an escort agency.

Consider how much time you want to spend with your escort

The most important thing to think about when planning a date with an escort agency is asking yourself how much time you’re willing to pay.

If you want a quick meetup, it might be worth the money to set up an incall date at a hotel. The reason is that most hotels require a stay of at least one day. Incall services might be best for quick visits.

So, booking a hotel room for 24 hours but only spending one hour with your escort will be a whopping waste of funds. You’re going to where your escort is, which would be best in this situation.

Imagine you are traveling and want some company for an hour or so. You already have the room, so an outcall (the escort coming to you) would be worth it. But outcall sessions can work for quick dates as well. Then you can enjoy your cosy hotel room for the night, fully satisfied.

Consider what you want to do with your escort on your date

Wanting something wild that requires a certain location or special equipment? Then an incall might be best, as your worker will have all they need at their location of choice.

Do you want to take your date out for dinner first? An outcall would be best for this situation.

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