The Youngest Grandfather Ever?

The father is actually 15-year-old Jordan, making for a disturbingly immature family.  Both parents are still in school and plan on finishing, with Tia seeing herself as a hairdresser in the future.


Amazingly, Tia and Jordan have been dating for 18 months, meaning they were around 13 when they started going out.


The baby, Gracie, only weighed 2 lbs when she was born and was immediately put in an incubator.




These young parents are part of the more than 35,000 kids under 18 who get pregnant in the UK each year. However, at least half of those kids get an abortion.


Proud British granddad Shem Davies is not even 30 yet and his 14-year-old daughter Tia already has a child! Shem had Tia when he was only 15, setting the stage for his daughter to follow in his footsteps. When Shemp, who happens to be unemployed at the moment, showed up to the hospital, the staff thought he was the father instead of the grandfather. It’s hard to believe in it. See the photos of quit possibly the youngest family in the UK.





  1. Complete set of losers.

  2. i blame the jews me like

  3. So grand dad still have chance to see his Grand grand child

  4. incest look alikes or the real thing?

  5. I love how they make it a point to say that the grandfather is unemployed – lol! In other words, someone else is going to have to buy the Pampers & Emfamil. Trailer park trash at it’s finest.

  6. my cousin was only 28 when her 12 year old daughter gave her her fist grand baby

  7. Gosh that is so sad! It’s like those kids have no chance at a future! I had my daughter at 17 and my biggest fear is that she will be a teen mom too. Let me tell ya, I’ll do my damnest to keep that from happening. Of course, I’ve graduated college and have a great job, but not many teen parents get that opportunity.

  8. If the baby continues with this same trend, she can be the first person to have living grandchildren and grandparents

  9. “If the baby continues with this same trend, she can be the first person to have living grandchildren and grandparents”

    uhm, lol we have 5 generations in my family meaning my children have a great great grandma ((which means my mom has living grandchildren and living grandparents…..))
    … I didnt have kids until i was 23 so your statement=PFFFFT

  10. lol! he’s not the youngest dad. in the philippines there is a 14 year old father.

  11. be a teen parent & young grandpa/grandma its not good for they future…

  12. SO UGLY! THE GIRL……..everyone

  13. The father….. so short. 😀 I LOL AT THIS…

  14. XD

  15. They are talking about grandfather . Duh not being the youngest father .

  16. —————————————————————————————————————
    “Kris says:
    March 23, 2012 at 7:13 am

    my cousin was only 28 when her 12 year old daughter gave her her fist grand baby.”

    That makes you a “grand Uncle then”. *0_0*

  17. Glee??????

  18. Of course the father is unemployed you smuck, he is still at school!

    The grandparents looks somewhat older than 29, thought, horseshit article?

  19. WOW he’s short

  20. I was a labor/delivery nurse for many years. I once had a patient who was 13 when she gave birth to her daughter. Then HER mother came in & told me SHE had been a 13-yr old mother, meaning she was now a 26 year old grandmother. The baby ended up dying (she had been born without a brain. when that happens the baby usually is born dead or dies very soon) but I wondered, if she had been normal, would she have gone on to have a baby at 13? Then the great-grandmother would be only 39. Sad story, but true.

  21. You don't need to know

    That dad looks really freakin gay

  22. WTF???? is the young father a dwarf, cuz being that dmall at fifteen in kinda freakish. Also, if the grandma-lady told her daughter, ‘hey, i had you when i was 15’ is gonna make the duaghter think, haey, if mah mum managed it, then so can i!!! Also has anyone never heard of Birth control, morning after pills or condoms??? With all this ‘protection’, teenage pregnancy should be going DOWN not up. And before you say, oh well she’s probably just a lazy old bugger, well you can go fuck yourelf, cuz at 13 YEARS OLD (witch btw is how old I am) people shouldn’t be having fucking sex!!!! Yeah, at maybe 18 and upwards, maybe then its ok, cuz then ur an adult (at least here in the UK) but at thirteen YOUR STILL A FUCKING KID. But It wouldn’t be fair to blame this all on the kids. If parents raised their children in such a way that the kids know ‘hey i shouldn’t really be doing this’, a lot of goverment money that HARDWORKING PEOPLE give, would not be wasted by lazy minors who sponge off the goverment. At my humble age of thirteen, my mother has told me if i Ever get pregnant, i shouldn’t even think about coming home. And I know some of you people out there will think ‘you poor child, but its more of this sort of thing that needs to be done. More ‘tough love’ is needed to help minors thru their way in life. Covering ur kids eyes with, ‘its ok baby’, and spoiling them ISN’T GOING TO HELP!!! What do you think is gonig to happen if the girls parents die in a car accident. She is going to go to the goverment and ask for money, because she no longer has anyone to support her. Hell, it even says that her dad doesn’t have a job!!! they are ALREADY sponginging off the goverment, wasting money that people have EARNED through may hours of work. So if you have kids, do the RIGHT thing and fucking bring them up PROPERLY!!!

  23. Wonders will never end

  24. The dad looks like he has incest in his genes already. I wouldn’t be suprised, honestly. This picture irked me when I saw it. This is really gross, and sad. People like this need to stop fucking breeding. Obviously the unemployed, under 30 years of age granddad (ew) didn’t do his job right if his 15 year old( ew) has a kid already (ew). Children aren’t meant to breed and raise children. They’re supposed to grow up first. Blegh.

  25. This is really sad but at least the fathers did stick around and support the mothers (at least spiritually). A lot of fathers out there that are full grown and just walk out and leave the woman to care for the child by herself even if he is employed. ijs

  26. This is like the East St Louis ghetto of England.

  27. They all look fucking retarded and ugly af.

  28. It is very sad for people this young with a chance to a bright future waste there time by becoming pregnant before they even get a job or go to collage. I am partly blaming this on parental guiding and society of course but most of all the young parents for going out of there way thinking what they have is really love and having a baby. These kinds of things should stop. They only lived for 14 years and they thought they could bring something into the world before they even know how to live in the real world or get a job! Seriously what the hell are these young teenagers thinking these days. Love might as well must be an illusion for these kids in our time. Acting all proud in the picture when there is not something to be proud of just a messed up future for the new born child.

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