Friday , 22 February 2019

Jennette McCurdy’s Hanging Cleavage VS. Bella Thorne


If you like that fake, blonde barbie look, Heidi Montag is for you! – Linkiest

Former Texas prosecutor disbarred for sending innocent man to death row – Newser

What This Couple Did After Buying This 139 Year Old Water Tower Is Beyond Epic – Slip Talk

The Top Ten HBO Dramas of All-Time – TV Overmind

A Neuroscientist Explains How He Found Out Meth Is Almost Identical to Adderall – VICE

Lily James Has the Full Package (37 Photos) – Radass

Abby Champion Playing Beach Volleyball in Miami – G-Celeb

Why It Is So Important to Finish What You Start – Entrepreneur

Rugby Looks Like A Lot Of Fun – Tosh

Naked Chelsea Handler is back – Celeb Slam

Hot girls in lingerie…nuff said – Bad Sentinel


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