Saturday , 15 December 2018

Keilah Kang’s Hottest Photos

Why Jeff Bezos schedules all of his ‘high IQ’ meetings between 10 a.m. and noon – Ladders

The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women – Mel Magazine

It’s Official: Jordan Peele Will Host His Twilight Zone Reboot – i09

Batman’s Nude Penis Launches DC’s Mature Comic Line – Screenrant

Huge marijuana bundles are washing up on Florida beaches after hurricane Florence, and swimmers are fighting over them – National Post

Failed Attempt to Put Dead Whale in Dumpster ‘Was a Mistake’ – NBC

FanDuel not honoring bet that would have paid more than $82,000 due to line error – ESPN

San Francisco residents pleading with thieves to spare their vehicles – ABC

Possibly Brie Larson’s Hottest Newd Pics of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Meet Roland, Japan’s Most Successful Male Geisha – Oddity Central

What does math look like to mathematicians? – Popular Science


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