Wednesday , 19 December 2018

Mirai Nagasu Criticized U.S. Teammates and Said Skate Was a TV Audition

It always happens at the Olympics: First the figure skaters fall, and then the tears do. Makeup and glamorous outfits are the sport’s disguise.

The Olympic individual free skate is one of the most tension-filled events in sports. It’s like the back nine on Sunday at the Masters: The athletes are out there all alone, with no teammates, just thoughts and demons in a sport that requires extreme precision under pressure.

Karen Chen of the U.S. fell, then said, “I am extremely disappointed. I’m not going to lie. I train myself to skate better than that.” She ended her media interviews in tears.

Gabrielle Daleman of Canada was an emotional wreck as she talked about the nausea that built up inside her two minutes before her skate. She could not hold back tears as she said, “There was nothing in that program I felt good about. I feel bad about dragging my dad and my brother [here] from Canada.”

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