Only in Japan

Collection of some crazy stuff seen in Japan. Simply unexplainable 🙂

















  1. some are not Japanese. and the kitty with the thing is just a lame…”stop std.” so? is there anything wrong? the nazi thing is probably a joke too 😛

  2. besides, don’t people do weird ass things in AMERICA too? :l

  3. at least one of those is photoshopped, and one is from korea

  4. Things to expect from the Japanese.. 🙂 LOL

  5. I would love to try the condom ice cream. Anyone know where I can get it in the states?

  6. That ‘condom ice cream’ is Korean. The package says ‘Chocolate Turtle egg’.

  7. the train sure is crowded

  8. Japanese war criminals for the most part got away with it in wwII, and by and large anti-communism was prioritized over punishment for war crime since most of the crime was not done to the west. The Japanese today are quite proud of their “accomplishments” in China, Korea and various other parts of asia rather than be shameful of it like their German counterpart.

  9. The “Hello Kitty” hospital is the successful Yuanlin Materniity Clinc in Taiwan, Republic of China.

  10. I know a small bit about Japan.
    The very first photo is not what it looks like, the symbol is actually representing Japanese Buddhists, not Nazi Germany, the Japanese Buddhist symbol existed far before the psycho stuff that went on in Germany.

    As for hello kitty, it’s part of their kawaii desu, or cute it is lifestyle.
    I’m sure it’s to make children and babies feel more at ease 😉

    That’s about all I know,

  11. Yes, Kyle, you apparently do know a “small bit”. The image is a swastika from Nazi Germany, nothing else, complete with iron crosses. Of course, out of context, the picture can mean anything. If you saw a picture of Lemmy from Motorhead, you’d think he was a neo-Nazi until you discover he collects WWII memorabilia. The same background is shown on page 2, with two different girls, and if you look in the background, it says “Castle Wolfenstein”, so it’s probably either a game launch party or just some other cosplay party.

  12. Only in japan? NO.

    The 5th pic of the inflatable chair dress was made by an artist in NY:

  13. the Hello Kitty hospital is in Taiwan not Japan..

  14. The condom ice cream is Korean. The “My Darling is a Barbarian” poster has been altered. The real poster says, “My Darling is a Foreigner.” There’s a wiki page on it at:

    If you’re going to title a page, “only in Japan”, then everything should actually be in Japan, right?

  15. The condom ice cream is Korean. The “My Darling is a Barbarian” poster has been altered. The real poster says, “My Darling is a Foreigner.”

    If you’re going to title a page, “only in Japan”, then everything should actually be in Japan, right?

  16. kinda funny
    but the one “my darling is a barbarian” is very fake, still funny 😛
    title is “my darling is a forigner”
    not sure about the spelling 😛

  17. Nazi swastikas point clock wise and are tilted , Buddhist swastikas point counter clock wise and are not tilted. Get your facts right Kyle

    See Kyle !!

  18. coupons all weird items like this

  19. Some of the stuff is kinda different, but most of it isn’t.
    And the “Swastikas” or “Nazi Imagery” is actually a “Manji” which as I’ve been told, an ancient japanese symbol, meaning “Good luck” So yeah…

  20. Japan looks AWESOME.

    And plz, It’s My Darling Is A Foreigner, not Barbarian. And it’s a pretty good movie.

  21. Japan Looks AWESOME.

    And plz, It’s My Darling Is A Foreigner, not barbarian. And It’s a pretty good movie. 😉

  22. What the hell is wrong with that kitty pic?
    Jesus, why put it next to that … Gah I forgot what’s it called.

  23. Yeah, those farting kittens and a huge mole/hamster are awesome ads. 😉

  24. Hello Kitty is taiwan
    comdom is korea
    other some pictuers fake
    because i’m japanese haha

  25. ahh the arrogant american strikes again.. thinking he knows everything

  26. The author is a moron. bunch of things arent even japanese or in japan, and the other stuff is jus out of context. Do some reasearch before putting in korean crap with japanese you idiot.

  27. Translation of the whole thing….

    The blue writing at the top says “He doesnt use chopsticks, but thats life”

    In the middle, the text going down says “Of course his penis is big isnt it!”

    At the very bottom, the little comic character version of the woman says “I want a louis vuitton bag”

    Someones little private joke I think…

  28. It may suppose to say my darling is a foreigner but this one says my darling is a barbarian. Above it the captions reads, “He can’t use chopsticks, oh well” and under it says “I knew his penis is big after all” and below that, it says “I want a Louis Vuitton Bag”. This shit was probably just added to make a dumb ass poster. And the swastica thing, they did use that symbol, but it goes the other way. And obviously from the picture they are doing cosplay. The condom writing has a circle which is Korea not Japanese. If you don’t know, then look these up for yourself.

  29. 日本は先進国である…..

  30. Yeah the condom thing is Korean and should not be on the list.
    Hello Kitty is a Japanese invention but the place is in Taiwan so that should be taken out.
    My Darling is a Foreigner has been photoshopped and hence that is fake.
    Manjis have totally different meaning from Swastikas but in this case they are using Manjis for a different reason, with different colours and in the apparent and intentional military use, even if for a costume party.

  31. The Hello Kitty One Is From Taiwan ._.

  32. The Nazi thing is more or less because they are fans of the videogame Wolfenstein. Most of these can be considered anime convention pics really. I am kinda tempted to try the yogurt Pepsi and I was kinda amazed at some of their inventions.

  33. What do you mean some are from Korea not Japan? arent japan and korea just part of china?

  34. correction: “my darling is a foreigner”.
    and that movie sucked.

  35. The Condom Ice Cream is Korean. Way to research.

  36. What everyone knows as the “Nazi Symbol”, the Nazis did not magically make it up. The Japanese created this symbol originally and that symbol represents temples in Japan on a Japanese map. Hitler used this symbol without any approval from the Japanese side. People, do your research before you start flapping your mouth about it.

  37. Japan takes creativity to the next level =P

  38. ohh, funny in japan:D

  39. ohh,funny in japan:D

  40. That train was probably an accident.
    The rest isn’t really that weird. US tries to sell the weirdest stuff too.
    Stop STD… is US so not aware of it that it’s odd?
    The nazi thing looks like a movie/anime thing that people are prob dressing for or something.
    The condom ice-cream (from korea) Ok, yeah, that’s a bit much. But it is probably not an everyday, normal people thing. It’s prob from something like a “Lovers Package” store or something.
    And that movie, “My darling is a Barbarian” it’s actually, “My darling is a Foreigner” and it’s a very good movie.

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