The Best Online Casino Games 2019


Online casino

That it’s possible to play on online casino nowadays is not a secret. The times where you had to go to a landbased casino to play on slots, roulette or other casino games is since the end of 90s old news, and now more people play online from a computer, smartphone or tabloid. There are hundreds and hundreds of different internet casinos today and the players to continue to appreciate playing online more for every day that pass.

Online casino games

The most common game to play today is video slots. It probably has to do with the excitement which combines thrilling sounds, full HD games, and obviously the chance to win money while playing these fun games. The most prominent developers of video slots today is NetEnt and Microgaming, but there is a ton of other companies that are trying to take shares on a competitive market.

Apart from slots table games is very popular and the most common ones are for sure roulette and blackjack. When it comes to roulette, there are three different kinds: European, American and French, the last one being the country where the game was invented a couple of hundred years ago. Another favorite game is Baccarat, a classic card game that never seems to be outdated.

Live casino

For people who are looking for real action live casino is a good option. Then you play against real dealers at authentic casino tables while getting an experience close to a landbased casino but while having the freedom to play wherever you see fit. All games today, live casino and on a regular online casino, is created by HTML5-technology which means that they fit a screen no matter the size.

Casino bonuses

Most gambling operators offer a welcome gift to attract new customers. The most common bonus is a deposit bonus. That means the online casino matches your first deposit, generally with the same amount as you added. For an example, if a bonus is 100% up to 100Ç, that means that if you put 100Ç in your gambling account, you will get 200Ç to play for at your account.

With the bonus, there is usually a wagering amount. That means that you have to wager that amount before you can take out the money and take out your winnings. For example, if the wagering amount is 30x times the bonus amount and you accept a bonus of 100Ç, you have to wager 3000Ç. Once that is done you can take out your cash.

Bingo and lottery

A lot of casino providers offers bingo and different type of lotteries as well. Depending on how big the online casino are there is a chance that they will spice the casino selections with some bingo and lottery. Bingo is becoming more and more popular, and there are different rooms for all type of wallets. Good luck with your playing no matter what you choose. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself and play responsible for you and the people around you sakes.


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