What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantra is about connection, whether we are talking about the connection with yourself or with your loved one. The word itself refers to waving energy. When it comes to practice, tantra is about enlightenment. Here is more interesting information about tantric sex.

It is about knowing your body

Many porn stars who are escorts from uEscort.com practice tantric sex. Similar to yoga, tantra is all about spiritual and physical awareness. When you learn and when you start to practice tantra, you will become more in-tune with your body. You will find out what offers it a pleasure and also the way it actually feels pleasure.

This will help you pay more attention to your body’s wants as well as needs. The energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout the entire body and intensify the orgasm.

You will also get to know your partner’s body

Tantra is not only about reaching a higher state of mind-body consciousness. It is also about creating a deeper and more harmonious bond with your loved one. When you practice tantric sex, both you and your partner will learn to be physically aware and spiritually present at the same time.

You will feed each other energy that will continue to grow after you have finished having sex. Tantra will also allow you to explore and expand at the same time, various aspects of your personalities. So, you will start to truly know the other person inside and out. By hiring one of the best Uk escorts you will have an amazing experience.

Prepare your space

Tantra is basically, a holistic practice. It is not about sex or climax, it is about the journey to get there. The environment has a great impact on your mindset and your ability to relax and enjoy that journey. What you can do is to soften your space by laying down a satin throw blanket and some plush cushions. Also, fill the space with your favorite scent and create a romantic or sexual vibe.

Prepare your mind

Since this is a spiritual practice, the mind will come into play as much as your body. When you are having tantric sex, you are actually connecting your body, mind, and soul. A clear mindset is extremely important. Also, you need to be able to step out of your comfort zone. Some people spend around 15 minutes in meditation so that they can prepare their minds for tantric sex.

How to build the moment with your loved one

There are a few important things to consider. First of all, don’t forget that tantra extends beyond sex. You can either work up to that or you could choose not to go there at all. You and your loved one can implement tantric principles into other practices that can be very useful at building up the moment.

Foreplay can be oral, a sensual massage, or even taking a shower together. No matter what you choose to do, keep in mind to be fully present. Second of all, you can build up to sex or not. Tantra is more about the deep connection between you and your partner than anything else.

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