“World’s Hottest Grandma” Releases Topless Calendar

You read that title right! 48-year-old stunner and hand-bra master Gina Stewart, known as the ‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ (I’d agree), just dropped a bombshell on us with the release of her fully topless calendar.


The mother of four, and grandmother of one, teased us about the racy calendar last summer with the insinuating title Almost Naked.

Right now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Almost? WTF.” Well, this week it popped up on her online store, with Almost crossed out, and we’d say that was a wise move, Gina. Very wise.

Not only that, the calendar features 14 months of steamy goodness. So you get two extra looks, and four extra… you know. And if you’re looking for something a little more safe for work, she has the ‘implied nude’ version for sale as well, so your boss can’t say shit other than “WOW!”

Gina rose to fame last year after her modelling shots went viral, and was ranked No. 90 on Maxim Australia’s Annual Hot 100 list for 2018. But that’s enough from me, I’ll let her pictures do the talking.

Enjoy, and check out her Instagram page here.


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  1. What a stupid whore. Just because fucking morons put worlds ________est something doesnt make it so fucken stupid ass internet. There is a grandma in my town who juat turned 40 thats hotter than this and less PLASTIC…gross

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