5 Things You Need To Know It To Have A Great Time In Canada

How much do you know about Canada? Do you know that many Canadians love gambling at the best online casino in Canada as a pastime? To fully appreciate this remarkable country, you must know some facts about it. In this article, we share some of our favorite amazing facts about Canada.

Canada Has the Longest Coastline in the World

Canada has an impressive landscape compared to other nations in the world. This is because, despite its population of approximately 35.8 million people, only 20% of the country is inhabited.

The length of the Canadian coastline is 243,042 km, making it the country with the longest coastline globally. All ten provinces have shorelines. The coastline is so extensive that it borders three major oceans in the world. On the west side, it borders the Atlantic Ocean. On the east, it borders the Pacific Ocean, while on the north, it borders the Arctic Ocean.

It is 12 times the size of America’s coastline and approximately nine times the size of Russia’s. If you were to walk 24 km along the coastline, it would take 27 years for you to walk the total length. A country’s coastline is important because long coastlines make for easy and convenient foreign trade. This, of course, means rapid economic growth for the country. For example, the fishing industry is a key contributor to the country’s economy

In terms of size, Canada is remarkable in more ways than one. It has a total area of 3,855,10 square miles. This total area makes it one of the largest countries in the world, second only to Russia. As a result, the climate is very diverse; going from freezing cold in the north to mild in the south.

Canada Has the Highest Number of Gamblers on the Planet

Our home and native land houses millions of people who enjoy playing casino games or betting on sports. In 2020, statistics showed that 6 in 10 adults who live in Canada actively participate in gambling. This year, that number went up to almost 8 in 10 people.

These statistics show that many Canadians love to play games of chance, especially those found on online slot machines. Canada even ranks among the top 10 countries in the world with high rates of gambling. Despite this, the rates of gambling addiction are low, well below average, in fact.

It is no secret that Canadians love to play online slot games and bet on sports digitally. We are at the forefront when it comes to online gambling. According to estimates, Canadians spend up to $14 billion annually on offshore gambling sites, making Canada the country with the highest rate of online gambling.

Canada Has One of the Highest Immigration Rates in the World

Canada is a country that accepts immigrants with hospitality and eagerness. Due to the underpopulation and declining labour force, accepting immigrants is paramount to the economy’s survival. Currently, Canada has the eighth largest immigrant popularity in the world. The country supersedes many European and American countries in terms of immigration, with 21% of the population being immigrants. Canada welcomes an average of 300,000 new immigrants yearly, although the number fell during the pandemic.

The multicultural atmosphere of Canada, along with its stable economy and excellent educational system, attracts immigrants. Other factors that make our country enticing to foreigners are the beautiful wildlife, tall trees and picturesque vegetation.

There’s More to Language in Canada Than English and French

Aside from English and French, over 200 other languages are spoken in the country. This is partly because about one-fifth of the population are immigrants. However, there are some indigenous languages spoken in Canada by the 1.4 million of the population who are indigenes. In total, there are about 63 indigenous languages, which are subsets of the 11 main Indigenous language groups in Canada.

The most popular foreign languages spoken in Canada are Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, German, Italian, Tagalog, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, and Urdu. One interesting thing to note is that the French spoken in Canada is different from the French francophone countries speak. This type of French is an official subset of the language. It is a derivation of the French dialects spoken in certain parts of Canada.

Quebec is the largest francophone territory in Canada. People living in Quebec alone account for about 90% of the country’s total French-speaking population.

Lacrosse is the National Sport of Canada

If you are a Canadian, you’re most likely pretty familiar with lacrosse. The game dates back to the 17th century when the first record of a lacrosse game was made. The indigenous people in Canada played the game to express appreciation for their Creator. The French people named the sport “Lacrosse.” They thought the Lacrosse staff reminded them of a bishop’s crozier. The word for crozier in French is “crosse,” so they called the game “La Crosse.”

The first time the indigenous people played lacrosse with the Europeans was in 1843. The match led to an increased recognition of the sport across Europe. Today, there are many betting sites in Canada where you can appreciate the ancient sport and bet on lacrosse events.

In 1859, the Canadian government declared lacrosse the country’s official sport. It remained the only official sport in the country until 1994 when Canada’s National Sports Act amended the declaration. Lacrosse became the country’s national summer sport, while hockey became the national winter sport.

If you’re a gambling fan, who is enthusiastic about hockey and lacrosse, you can bet on both on some betting sites, Canada. Some of these sites offer live streaming and allow you to wager after the game has begun.


Canada is a beautiful and hospitable country, with great cultural diversity and natural resources. Its top qualities include rich wildlife, a stable economy, safety, and universal healthcare. This article discussed some of Canada’s best features that set it apart from other nations on this planet.

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