Saturday , 19 April 2014

90 Degrees Can Change Everything


  1. It is photoshopped, or at very least, “touched-up.”

    1. There are no ripples in the water near her.

    2. You can’t see the part of her body that is underwater.

    3. The area of water before her is dull–it’s been “smudged” in photoshop.

    4. Her arms would never reach the side of the pool like that without her being bent over more. NEVER.

  2. Actually i took a similar photo this weekend of my wife.
    Cathie says:
    August 26, 2010 at 7:49 am

    1> yes there are look harder.
    2>zoom in on it. Same thing with my wifes photo
    3> it has not its angle and light naturally.
    4>she is bent over pretty far, follow her neck line into the water.

  3. actually i dont think its photo shopped. look perfectly normal to me if u look at it sideways.

  4. uhm. i think we just have to look at the picture on a different angle. =) like, tilt our head a little bit. =)

  5. Not photoshopped. I took pics like this with my riend this summer :) it’s also rather fun to do sit ups like that in the water with your back pressing fully against the pool wall XD but not photoshopped or touched up. depending on how long she was like that the ripples won’t be as defined as they were when she first got into that position and it’s rather easy to get into that position

  6. It’s not shopped, she’s not really submerged, very careful positioning

  7. Dear All

    Its a picture that was inverted and if u can rotate the picture u will find the real fact.its a simple pic only taken while she just put his back in water and supported by holding the wall of the swimming pool.

  8. 1st time 1 didn’t concentrate on it.n today i found that if u will rotate the pic or your pc the real pic will be in front of u.

  9. jeez, just turn the damn photo on its side…see the other swimmers on the edge of the pool?

  10. This is retarded, only two of them are actually ninety degrees.

  11. what a difference 90 degrees can make!

  12. Physics should explain! hahaha..

  13. … but the most photos have a 180 degrees change :-D
    anyway amazing.

  14. Haha, the horse sculpture is in my country! Didn´t know it is “so” famous. :)

    It is parody of riding statue of saint Wenceslaw (Vaclav), which is dominant of Wenceslaw square in Prague (Czech Republic capital city). See the original statue on Google Maps – search for “Vaclavske namesti, Praha, Czech Republic” and zoom. This parody statue is inside “Palac Lucerna” (Lantern Palace) nearby. It is supposed to remind people to don´t stop trying to be proud of our country (and creating reasons what be proud for).

  15. Its not fake, cuz if u see the right side of the pic, you would find out people got there heads out of the water…… So its real guys ;-)

  16. …all fake, all ‘shopped!!! fake and gayy!!!1

  17. 4 of these are 180 degrees

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