Thursday , 18 April 2019

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  1. I’m assuming they sell wigs.

  2. Lol my dog always come into the loo so I made it so he couldn’t see

  3. The Horny Photographer – Richa Maheshwari #delhi – from delhi and last week she had posted a status and mocked men who used to send her advances on FB. The second day of her posting the above post, she had messaged my male model friend whom she has been troubling since an year almost. My friend is married and has earlier warned her about not messaging her and because he is model and she a photographer so he thought to keep her on the friend list. This continued for an year when finally a few day ago after her shameful advances he had to give up and block her. This below is her last message to him.

    She has got some crazy unknown people as her Facebook friends. I saw her Post of how she was mocking men for messaging her. If she is so concerned about her image, then why is she doing the same with men on Facebook. I had a choice to not post this snapshot of the chat she had with my friend a few days back but when i saw that poor boy being humiliated in public I couldn’t control.

    Every person somewhere or the other has sent random messages to the opposite sex on FB. I mean thats why it is social platform. You have a choice to respond to them or ignore but not mock humans of your own race. What if he with this embarrassment, commits suicide?? If you are so troubled of Facebook you have a choice to deactivate your account forever. These kind of females, love the attention also and they want to now show to the world that how men are crazy about her and flaunt about it. Only the ugly woman looks for such desperate attempts for attention. One has to see her pictures to understand what I am saying. She looks like a Pig herself and for an attention not derived out of he right ways, she now chooses to get some negative publicity. This woman here is the most active person on Facebook, Loves to post even her worst pictures. And then men of course will comment, I mean you are posting your pictures to get the attention Right ? So this had to be done… Men are not the only ones who approach women and trouble them on FB. Here is an example of what women do when they are in for the lookout. So society, please stop being biased.

    Now friends this is the dark side of humans. Both sexes look out for new people on Facebook. This photographer ,Richa Maheshwari should be ashamed of her act and should immediately put down a apology. This is what i feel. Do share this if you also feel the same.

  4. #Richa #Maheshwari #photographer #Delhi

  5. Dude I know this girl, delhi based she lives in chattarpur. She sleeps with almost everyone

  6. Working hard 3 am.. that is too without drinks. :'( 🙁

    Very difficult to earn Money 😛

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