Wednesday , 19 September 2018


Artists makes an art form out of avocados

One day artist Boris Toledo Doorm was nomming on some avocado, like he’d done so many days before, when a started to wonder if he could make artwork using the green food as his medium. 6 hours later he had completed his first masterpiece and he realized he could in fact use the food as a viable canvas for a …

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Indian Man Turns Elephants Into Art

Photographer Charles Freger travels the world taking photographs of different cultures. While visiting India he came across this unique man who turns elephants into art, and these elephants are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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Mind-Blowing 3D Chalk Drawings That’ll Blow Your Mind

Mind-Blowing 3D Chalk Drawings That’ll Blow Your Mind We all are among those who love art and drawings. We have even tried our level best when we’re kids and at that time it was our only mission in life. Nowadays 3D drawings are trending all over the internet and people love the way artists work on it. However, if you …

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Artist Finds A Creative Way To Remind Us About Pollution

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Artur Bordalo) knows how to make stunning animal sculptures. But there’s something different about these sculptures as they’re not just normal sculptures. They’re sculptures made out of trash that look like animals, and Bordalo says he creates the sculptures as a way to raise awareness about pollution.

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