Monday , 22 January 2018


Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Artist Eva Krbdk

Many people consider cross-stitching to be something their grandma would do, but Eva Krbdk, a tattoo artist based in Ankara, Turkey, seems to think otherwise. Her cross-stitch tattoo designs look like a cross between pixel art and the popular folk art they’re named for. Many of her pieces are simple and cute, but with a large-enough canvas, they can become …

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Abandoned Buildings Become Home to Kim Kwacz’s Monsters

Kim Kwacz a.k.a. Kim Köster, a Berlin street artist is taking his work from murals and is creating a children’s book. Kim’s new series will be a picture book for the iPad called “Monzter” and can be found on the walls of abandoned buildings in Berlin. You can get more info at his site and Facebook page.

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Japanese-Inspired Tattoos

Japanese tattoos are just plain beautiful. The Japanese are already artistic people in their own right, which makes sense why the tattoos that bear their style are the same way. The thing I like most about Japanese tattoos is that they can portray a story with a few simple visuals, pure brilliance. With a mix of beautiful color and delicate …

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20 Of The Most Delicate And Beautiful White Ink Tattoos

There’s something so whimsical about the subtle nature of white ink tattoos. They sort of linger on the surface, they’re not too visible, but once you do recognize them, you see how beautiful they are. In fact, white ink tatts kind of make you think twice about getting traditional black or colored pieces. If you’re not too familiar with them, …

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The Boneyard Project: Old Planes Are Given a Second Chance with Art

Conceived in Spring 2010 by Eric Firestone and organized with curator Carlo McCormick, The Bone Yard Project revives disused airplanes from America’s military history through the creative intervention of contemporary artists, taking entire airplanes and their elements out of aeronautic resting spots in the desert, known as boneyards, and putting them into the hands of artists. Renowned street artists from …

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Incredibly Detailed Balloon Animals By Japanese Artist

If you thought balloon animals are simply a fairground novelty, then Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto has some balloon animal art to show you. Perhaps the most impressive thing about them is that Masayoshi uses only balloons – no tape or markers. Yes, there’s even a way to make those detailed eyes using nothing but balloons!

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