Sunday , 20 April 2014

Chloe Sims Without Makeup






  1. Vincent Louis Marino

    Natural beauty!

  2. Peskimesbluejacket

    Scary especially those juvaderm filled lips. She’s on her way to become the Cat Lady

  3. she looks scary either way. She might have been pretty at one time before the horrible “multiple” nose jobs, cheek implants, lip injections, and botox all of which makes her look older than I am sure she actually is. The boobs are a little much too.

  4. I think we need to justt be k
    ind to one another.

  5. Who is chloe sims ?

  6. She looks like a whore and the guy looks like a gay(er) George Zimmerman in photot #1… What a pair of fools…

  7. Wow, her eyes are actually much smaller than I thought. I wonder if other women are aware of that trick?

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