Coolest Way to Smoke a Cigarette?

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  • Gfxw

    That’s cool. Only one man can do that. That’s him.

  • Dimonakid

    I realy Like This Acter!!!
    He Remind Me Of “KEMPBEL” (living dead)
    Criss campble (i think)

  • Superstarfan

    He is a great actor. watch his ROBO film. cool

  • Sas

    OMG…what a crap!!..
    typical bollywood movie

  • Vineeth Prabhanandan

    thalalvan vazhkaa

  • Publicpervert


  • Good website………….

  • joooooo

    good site but it doesn’t exist a
    “cool way” 2 smoke smoking is so stupid

  • Great Creativity. 100 for 100 to Creator. Good Work.