Fox, Please Stop This Madness

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  1. Mark Daniel Johansen

    Yes, and we right-wingers get just as much of a laugh when a left-leaning TV station mislabels a place on a map or mis-spells a word. You know that happens too, right? I’ve got a screen-shot from CNN labeling Rio de Janeiro as “Hong Kong”, and another with a banner saying “Space Shuttle traveling at 17 times the speed of light”. As usual, when people you don’t like do it, it’s proof of gross incompetence and stupidity. When people you like do it, it’s a trivial mistake, totally understandable given the time pressure they were under.
    BTW note that “ME” is the official Postal Service abbreviation for “Maine”, and on the same screen you see that the reporter is in “Portland, ME”. Yes, headlines and abbreviations can be inadvertently funny.
    The poll of which candidates people back could well have allowed multiple answers, i.e. “I could back either Romney or Palin”, so it’s not necessarily a mistake that it totals well over 100%. Sure, it’s weird to use a pie chart in such a case.

  2. There is a recent example illustrating the progressive hypocrisy and partisan vitriol: When Sarah Palin mistakenly referred to the White House being at 1400 Pennsylvania avenue instead of 1600, democrat party members blew up the internet and twitter with their derision and mockery. Less than a week later, vice-president Joe Biden, at a memorial in Joplin Missouri, stated that the tornado there had killed 161,000 people. “One hundred sixty one THOUSAND men, women and children killed by the tornado!” Now which of these mistakes is more plausible, and which is a failure of common sense and shocking lack of self-awareness? Of course, the same jitbags who derided Palin, including professional “journalists”, had absolutely nothing to say about the vice-president of our country concluding that a tornado had killed so many people, and stupidly reciting that ridiculous number at a memorial for those who had died. The damn fool couldn’t even be bothered to check his figures when he was a featured speaker on the tragedy being memorialized… But yeah liberals, republicans are dumb because Faux News!…

  3. Mark Daniel Johansen

    Are you sure it was Joplin, Missouri? Maybe there’s a Joplin in one of the other 57 states. 🙂

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