Monday , 8 February 2016

  • Ms. Cindy Willam

    Hi…Friends. I saw all the sexy girls… And the photos are very hot. I am a 24 years old single girl. I have seen how young girls get Lewd comments while wearing tight yoga pants. I am telling my personal experience . Frankly speaking I am not in favour of tight yoga pants. But one day I wore tight yoga pant intentionally went to near by park at afternoon. Hey, Believe me I was feeling very hot and sexy while moving the park with my another female friend. But she was her lose formal clothes. Why everyone was looking at my entire figure……. IT was very simple because my Huge fleshy buttock was gyrating ups and down,,,,,. and even my pink panty was quite transparent to out site… due to tight clothe my thigh , waist , belly , breast e t c…. were crystal clear to observe… Interestingly no body looked at my friend,,,… So this very simple message for girls….. one should wear or not ..,,,, It is also described in a renowned international magazine that due to tight jeans and yoga pants young girls are highlighting their huge buttock for attraction…. and that is why anal sex is very popular among teenagers…. AND this is the bare truth….. where ever you go you will find this tendency among boys and girls. Remember a beautiful girl with simple lose formal dress can not bring lewd intention among boys….. if the same girl wear tight yoga dress.. ,, and definitely the result will be upside down…… so dear girls why this happened..????? I know few of them will not accept this view and even digest the stark reality….. So, it is up to you what should be decent and acceptable in all…….. Thanks