Monday , 8 February 2016

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  • swwick

    The last image was very accurate lol.

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  • lister

    but NPH doesn’t look like francis :/

  • Tolle

    What do you mean “The last image was very accurate.”?

    The person in the picture is left-handed, which is even more rare when it comes to computer-usage, since many left-handers tend to use their right hand on the mouse anyhow.

  • Steve

    “The person in the picture is left-handed, which is even more rare when it comes to computer-usage”

    Unless it’s supposed to be a mirror image?

  • iishgir2107

    the last one is inaccurate…. i do not have a mouse

  • Nicholas Kenoyer

    poor horse…

  • jdblue842

    “The person in the picture is left-handed, which is even more rare when it comes to computer-usage, since many left-handers tend to use their right hand on the mouse anyhow.”
    FALSE! well not really, im left handed, and i do use my left hand on the mouse. and as it was mentioned before, its supposed to be a mirror image, a reflection.

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  • Wingman

    I especially like the Jacob Black comparison. Spot on!

  • Luna

    Holy cow! I was in the exact pose as the last picture! 😮

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  • Person

    The Clark Kent vs. Superman… Really?

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  • Keith Brown

    It just kept getting worse and worse the farther down the page you went….

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  • Marley

    They should add one more 50 CENT and an EWOK!!! Am I seriously the only one that has ever noticed???

  • robb

    you forgot will ferrell and chad smith (drummer of red hot chili peppers)

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  • PVC Bending

    I don’t know if I get it….

  • that guy

    that last ones wrong! im on a laptop HA 😀

  • Keith

    This is awesomeness!

  • Jessic

    Jessica Sara Parker is beautiful! Though she does sort of resemble a horse, she’s gorgeous. Sorta harsh look a like :/

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  • bean

    died at the last one. just died.

  • a

    Its obviously a mirror image. look at the keys on the keyboard…

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  • Mark James B

    Too Tolle.
    What he means by it’s accurate is: It’s accurate to what he was currently doing regardless of what hand the mouse is in. Also have you ever heard of mirror images? Showing a mirror image of a viewer’s current position would have a far greater impact on the viewer when he sees the image.
    Do you understand now?

    People like you need something better to do than commenting nonsense towards someone who is simply trying to enjoy something. Have a good day, my friend.

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  • Jonha Revesencio | SavingisSexy

    Holy cow! The last image is so spot on!!!!

  • Kristian

    hahaha shiit, I was sitting exactly like that in the end 😛

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  • Cynical Reviews

    Hadn’t seen a few of these. Thanks

  • Molly

    This is funny and accurate, but to whoever made it: You do know that Jacob Black is his character name, right? His real name is Taylor Lautner.


    The first few were amazingly accurate. When I scrolled further down, that is when I seen the humor!

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  • malynda

    love it!!! LOL

  • memyself and iiiiiiii

    Hey sarah jessica parker is a beautiful woman!! thats rudee!!!!

  • emma

    that is exactly what i was doing!

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  • Lauren

    The last image IS accurate if you’re looking into a mirror, which I think is what they were going for… I mean look at the position of the number pad? It’s on the left as well. :]

  • Lauren

    On another note, I love pastry guy, lmao

  • JJ Bugs
  • Clos

    Wow my hand was in the same spot and everything in the last picture!

  • Big Fuckin

    It should be Sarah Jessica Parker and Dee Snyder

  • Cameron

    Omar Epps from House and Mike Tomlin the Steelers head coach

  • lot

    Paz Vega should be paired with Stana Katic!

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  • Kanisha

    Dont care about left hand or right hand, they were pretty darn close and it made me laugh! thats all that mattered

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  • Chucky


  • Chad

    Hahaha…. “This Pastry”… awesome.

  • bpj1999

    Haha! I’m on a laptop not a desktop!

  • Giardello

    Wrong. I’m not left handed. The rest is accurate…

  • antechno

    nice pict…. :)

  • chris

    i legit was in the same position as the last picture it was like someone was filming me

  • josh

    Wrong =] im on a tablet lol

  • Mark

    Sarah Jessica Parker being likened to a horse is cruel and unfair. Horses having feelings, you know.

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  • Any-Any

    Cool! See my collection of funny people in the U.S. supermarkets)))

  • Shmoogle

    Vote: mark b james is a wanker – yes/no

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  • Techi

    I have a similar pic on my site. just one of course..

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  • Caylee

    Carrie Underwood and Emily Osment!

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