Meme usage in Malaysia



  1. gandalf says “Fly, you fools” not run..

  2. JJ… watch that movie again. He does say run >.>

  3. Robert…. sorry he says “Fly, you fools”. Both in the book and the movie. Google it, you fools.

  4. Robert, no its a FACT that he says fly….watch the movie with subtitles…..proved wrong….like a boss bitch

  5. you were all just successfully trolled by good sir robert

  6. THE best stumble ever!

  7. Who’s Audrey Ooi Feng Ung?

  8. Hahaha nice stumble!

  9. I recently saw a video of this, and he had also prepared a picture if she’d say no: Forever alone guy 😛

  10. i like that i was about to comment when i saw that it incorectly said ‘run’ but people out there already got it.. there are people like me…

  11. research says that clicking the links on is easy and awsome

  12. YOur a Faggot

  13. This is asinine.

  14. my gf would not accept that

  15. Beyond newfaggery…

  16. Don’t be a bunch of roody-poos. He says both run and fly. First he says run but it is before the screenshot used in this thread. Then he says fly right before letting go. Doesn’t anyone pay attention to details anymore?

  17. SOOO fucking stupid!

  18. …I can totally read her last name. I cannot be the only one who can read that. It’s clear as day.

  19. Uh, why do the fingers holding the boards have female nails?

  20. @Dan: Could have been the guy taking the photos and a female friend holding the pictures, or it could be that this happens to be a man who takes care of his nails to a point that I have never seen in another male.

  21. How is “Nobody makes me happy like she does” related to philoso-raptor’s usual dilemmas? I’m getting more and more tired of excessive memes usage and is really annoying to see them used incorrectly. They get diluted.

  22. no i am pretty sure he says “fly you fools.”

  23. mazan, i wondered that too. but still, i thought this was sweet… it took time and thought and effort, and is certainly a memorable way to propose to someone. i dunno, i still thought it was funny and creative, maybe i’m being too charitable or something, cause the guy misused a meme *eyerolls*.

  24. I gotta say…….cute, sounds like me but then again………….

  25. I did this for my prom date last year! Not exactly the same, but it was a custom meme comic. I definitely had the no response prepared as well, but she said yes!

  26. Why don’t the words on the paper curve like the paper? Look at the picture that starts “But nobody…” All this looks photoshopped. Boring fake crap and some of you think people actually do this. Ha. -big john

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