Tuesday , 24 January 2017

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8 crazy celebrity stories that are actually true

Angelina and Billy Bob Angelina Jolie can still count Billy Bob Thornton as one of her biggest fans, even though the two are long divorced. There is a story from a hotel concierge at the Ritz Carlton that, one evening, Angelina and Billy Bob showed up at the hotel around 3am. Billy Bob claimed that he was being chased by …

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Did you spot these Celebs hiding on the screen?

Jim Carey made a secret second appearance in Liar Liar, appearing as his Fire Marshal Bill character in the background of one scene. In Back to the Future Huey Lewis, (yes, the one who wrote The Power of Love) plays one of the stuffy judges from the beginning of the film when Marty is auditioning. Conan O’Brien won an auction …

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Quirky Business Cards That Offer Unique Insight On Celebrities

From secret codes to Lego men, these business cards offer an interesting insight into the lives of household names. Steve Martin, Comedian Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Andy Warhol, Artist Houdini, Magician Steve Wozniak, Apple Will Wright, Founder of Maxis Will Wright, original designer of The Sims, stamps his details on the currency of countries that no longer exist. This …

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