Thursday , 27 October 2016

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You Might Be Doing it Wrong…

Here at Bromygod we are all about supporting do-it-yourselfers, but sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, “Am I doing it wrong?” It might be time for these folks to call a professional…

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Funny Pets Caught On Camera (MUST SEE)

Pets are caring little creatures and sometimes they go crazy. Some of the funny things they do just happen once and hopefully you are as lucky as these people to have a camera readily available. Here we present you the funny pets around the globe!

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Here Are Some People Who Can Sleep Anywhere

Naps are good. We all just love them, and well, who doesn’t? You work all day and come home and all you want to do is take a nap. It is good when you slowly slip into one with a beer in hand and your favorite show on TV. The perfect situations makes the nap even better. Afternoon naps during …

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