Saturday , 28 March 2015

The Best Tattoo Collection Ever





















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  • Konsultants

    OMG I never seen so good tattoos! They look so life!!

  • Soendoro Soetanto

    I would never do that to my skin :p

  • Think

    What a bunch of insecure losers crying for attention

  • Jo Dean

    Wow, some of the most bizzare tattoos I have ever seen!


  • A

    Where is the credit of the artists to each piece?

  • Ava

    Way to give credit to the artists.

  • Mel Noir

    Agreed, why haven’t you given any credit?
    If it’s worth anything, I can see a Joshua Carlton piece, a Guy Aitchison and a Bob Tyrel, I believe. And of course, Mike Devries to anyone who wasn’t paying attention. Perhaps Oddboy’s work is here too?

    Mel Noir

  • sunny

    Beautiful Tatoo i’ve seen,it is great artisist.

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  • Alexis

    Hey,really apreciate!! One of the most fabylous tatoos i have seen in my life,the roses especially!!!

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  • HeatherN

    You can’t really talk dirt on any of these, this is fantastic artwork. This is hardly people crying out for attention, you see like 3 different people’s faces, and thats only because they have a tattoo on their necks. This is purely to see the artist’s work, what is unfortunate is that there isn’t any credits to any artists.

  • Melissa

    I’m not a fan of tattoos but I think the 5th picture (the rose with the water droplet) is beautiful.

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  • Ghost

    Mhh, some do not look like tattoos, but bodypainting.
    Like the first one, you can’t acchive such a pattern through a needle, that are brush marks v.v”
    Though that one with the spider on the neck is genius

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  • alana

    @whost – the top one IS a tattoo, it’s just that the artist is that great. most people are used to seeing crap tattoos.

    i too wish there were credits, though i think one is by stephane chaudesaigues and another by sarkozy..

  • chakib a

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  • Tethern

    Awesome collection of tats, some serious skill gone into these, thanks

  • justin bieber

    amazing tattoos best collection ever keep it up …………J.B

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  • Rehut Team

    Awesome tattoz …….

  • Rehut Team

    Awesome tattoz , all’s are really unique and variants.

  • Juniper

    That second back piece is incredible. The one with the inferno inside…

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  • Steirnagle

    Didn’t know people could do this on skin. Thanks for doing my research for me.

    I love the idea of an oldy looking at their body and regretting the tattoos. Ever seen a wrinkly old guy with blurry navy ink? Ever see an old dude you’d rather be?

  • kephas charley

    best tatoo ever

  • W B

    These are great tats! I’m trying to get a new tatto how can I contact 1 of these artists?

  • Mikaele

    They’re cool but i wont do that on my skin