Tuesday , 17 October 2017

What A Great Idea










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  • Simple and good idea

  • HoaiPhai

    What’s great about the idea…a tunnel under a waterway? GoogleMap the Welland Canal in Thorold, Ontario, Canada that takes Highway 58 under the St. Lawrence Seaway. There’s a tunnel connecting Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan. There’s a tunnel connecting Montreal and Ile Charron.

    Anyone else know of any tunnels?

  • Have you never seen this? This is quite common in Holland 🙂

  • whitehouse

    This is so common to me, I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Or at least I take this all for granted. This picture was probably taken in the Netherlands. There are several crossings like this, particularly in the province of Friesland. There are nine in this province alone.
    (Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquaducten_in_Friesland )

  • john

    when i first read the title of this article i thought it was sarcasm now i realize it isn’t, it appears to be a fairly good idea, the high way goes underneath the water it is the angle that the picture was shot at that made it appear bad.

  • great idea

  • Nag


  • And this is special because…?
    Come to Netherland and you’ll see this kind of tunnels well… every 5 miles?
    It’s just such a common sight in Netherland that I’m kinda shocked that someone comes up with this article almost well… 100 years after the first tunnel? Or something like that…


  • Henk van Kort

    the great idea is called an aquaduct (and it’s not that new either)

  • Purple Potato

    This is very common really..

  • Nice view too.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • Ant

    Not everyone lives in the Netherlands. Theres things in every country that will amaze people from other parts of the world.

  • nnd

    This is a very short tunnel, nothing more

  • Joel

    This seems like a really bad idea. WHat would happen if there were a leak in the water way? that would be a bitch to fix.

  • great views, where it is

  • I know this one.
    I drive trough it almost every day.
    It connects Flevoland with Gelderland in Holland.

  • Negrah Woods

    I think it is Holland- outside of Zealand perhaps. Damn them Dutch got fried chicken AND waffles. We Negrahs be luvvin the Dutch. So much blonde pootty to jerk off behind the dumpster to.

  • Jeroen
  • wow… that amazing…


  • Kevin Van

    It seems that they did this to allow clearance for sailboat masts, They did this to avoid a drawbridge. Very clever.

  • jason.b

    its a normal isea isnt it? a east part of the london ring road (M25) goes under the river thames but the carriage way goes on the QE2 bridge

  • Selina

    The reason its amazing to some of us is because we don’t all live in the area where those tunnels are very common.

  • Gus

    its not a tunnel. its an elevated water canal.

  • Lakawak

    I truly don’t get this…..are there people amazed by this? Even people tlaking about how common it is in Holland…The US has plenty of tunnels. Not this short necessariy, but that makes hte “What if it leaks” concern all the more silly. If a mile long tunnel dozens of feet below the water isn’t going to leak, neither is this.

  • ekxon

    you know building a bridge is easier and cheaper…

  • J David

    This seems like a terrible idea… A bad storm, or other rising water issues could flood the tunnel and lock out the highway…

  • SL9

    The Blackwall Tunnel in London, very old (possibly the oldest) – under the river Thames

  • TC

    How about the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel between Hampton and Norfolk, Va (the tunnel section in the middle to permit Navy Aircraft Carriers, etc access to the Norfolk piers)? It’s 3.5 miles long on I-64 and has been in use since 1957.

  • Neville

    The Romans were building these several thousand years ago. So whats new???

  • Jermaine

    Great idea? And what happens when theres a flood and the canals start bursting their banks?

  • Nathan

    Honestly, I find the idea quite dumb.
    Wouldn’t it be easier to build a bridge over it?

  • Blackbirds

    Right, aqueducts,

    common in some countries where water and land roads cross frequently. Like the Netherlands, tho certainly not just there. Certainly not any more difficult than building bridges. Raising the road to go over the water, high enough to clear most masts of ships? Rather expensive to be honest. Drawbridges are arguably more expensive.

    Considering this is an aquaduct in the Netherlands, flooding surely wont be too much of a problem, they made half their country to begin with….

  • America

    The joke is that its suck a short tunnel they should’ve just built a bridge for traffic…

  • Om3n

    we got a few here in Dubai too.. they mostly go under sea-water.

    one is to go from the “Palm Island” to the outer ‘ring’ which acts like a breakwater – (pretty new)
    and the other is pretty damn old.. been there as far back as i can remember (late 1980s?) which crosses the creek. (primarily it’s to allow boats/ships with high-clearance to come through the creek/waterway)

    thats why its not a really dumb idea. building a really HIGH bridge means you either have to make it really steep (totally impractical for average vehicles) or REALLY long (impractical for narrow/congested areas and also more expensive – more material used)

  • Bryan
  • Harry Lime

    This is not a tunnel, it serves an entirely different purpose. It sounds like most of you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Just hear me out and you’ll see what I mean. Instead of this being a way for cars to get to the other side of the water, it is rather a way for boats to get to the other side of the land mass. It will make more sense if you think of it as a bridge for boats- so that they can cut across a barrier island without going all the way around to the next natural inlet. It’s a much more elegant solution than digging a canal and then building a bridge (for the cars) over that.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about flooding either… it’s pretty safe to say that when it comes to canals and waterways, the Dutch have some of the best civil engineers on Earth. Plus, you know, a little bit of experience with the subject.

    One more thing- for those of you who do not think this is impressive because you’ve seen them so many times before- Congratulations. Would you like a medal? Your jaded cynicism impresses us all. Fortunately, however, we are not all as dead to the world as you. Just a quick example: There is a building where I live that was designed by Louis Sullivan. I pass by it nearly every day and I still unfailingly appreciate it as a beautiful work of architecture. I guess for you it would be nothing special, at least after the first day. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by things that were fascinating the first time I saw them years ago, and are still equally worthy of appreciation as I see them again each day. If you really are as jaded as you try to present yourself as being, I feel sorry for you. You’re going to find life pretty hard to enjoy. If, instead, you just think that a “been there, done that, seen everything there is to see” attitude makes you seem cooler (or more worldly and experienced, or whatever the hell you think it’s doing for you), you’re wrong; it makes you sound like a spoiled child who is trying desperately to impress people.

    To everybody else- Sorry about the rant. I’m just tired of hearing crap like this from people who can’t enjoy the world around them and insist on trying to ruin those rare moments of awe for everybody else. Acting like nothing impresses you does not make you seem more impressive. It makes you seem unappreciative, spoiled, and childish. Grow up, kick back, and enjoy the world around you. If you can’t do that, just keep the cynicism to yourself. It’s not as if your comments are adding to the discussion in any way whatsoever.

  • sonny

    In my country we call this a “tunnel” seen from above…. LOL

  • Tapi

    Look at CHESAPEAKE BAY Bridge Tunnel in US. I was so impressed when I saw that.


  • deepak

    So stupid design.
    More negative than positive.
    What if water level started to rise?

  • Mark

    Not a tunnel, which is what a lot of people are missing. That road no more goes through a tunnel than a highway that goes under a normal overpass goes through a tunnel. A tunnel is dug under an obstacle. In this case, the obstacle was the road and the canal was constructed to pass over, making it an aquaduct.

    I think they’re awesome personally, but this isn’t my favourite example. Google the Falkirk Wheel for a truly mind-boggling mix of canal, aquaduct and lock.

  • Lionking

    In spite of the fact that it exists in many shapes, for many years, in many countries… It’s still a good idea, though.

  • Richard

    It’s called an aqueduct and you can find them anywhere there’s a canal.

  • Really great idea, in which country this bridge will be there. what is the name of this bridge.. nice shot.

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  • Harm

    This is what we call Aquaducts 😉

  • sami
  • markus
  • caca

    i have a better idea, what about making a bridge over the river? Isn’t that more like…simple?

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  • Marco
  • Wow! what a great idea. In which country this bridge is?

  • a pretty nice idea it is.. hopefully, the sewerage is working..

  • Carlos

    Its very interesting despite of those who take it for granted , it required a big deal of learning and effort to do such MARVELS, ppl should be proud of their successes , or their parents successes anyhow

  • B-Girl

    uhhh…. It’s called a tunnel. Though most of the time they just go under rivers.

  • dion

    Looks nice but as a practical matter……Whats the depth of the bridge and how deep does the keel go on a typical boat which will cross the bridge? Another matter is water is pretty heavy and the bridge would have to support that tonnage. Lots of engineering questions……

  • jeroen

    it’s called an aquaduct


  • dw

    yea ok, but when it rains, where does the rain water drain off to??

  • Miz Mo

    They do exist… for one, the Posey Tunnel in Alameda (CA).

  • Erik

    I think I have been there recently. Very practical approach of the Frisians.

  • kev

    its called an aquaduct!

    and this is beter than build a hughe bridg or something else.
    This dont interupt the country sights

  • Dumbass


  • Bouw&
  • i guess its real…..

  • hmm

    i would simply make a bridge(overpass) for the highway. It’s much easier and cars are lighter than full of water.

  • hmm

    what if they started to leak the water? simple overpass for the highway is safer isn’t it?

  • Istalaboutme

    Lol, it is an aquaduct and the romans thought it was a great idea too, 2000 years ago.

  • loub

    LOL, why not just a bridge?

  • moron

    dis muzt bee a nu invenshun, cos know 1 cud have fort of dis befoor, if only de romans had fort of dis den maybee da wurld wood be difrunt… oh wait… they did.

  • Oppenheimer

    Interesting question “what if it rains?”. I guess they have a water pump system for that…at least.

  • BartiMan

    It’s called an aquaduct and here in the Netherlands we have several variations of these.

    They’ve been here for more than 30-40 years so I really can’t grasp why everybody is so suspicious and doubtfull about it. The sewerage is pumped off to a main sewer nearby with a pump. Exactly the opposite of how a toilet works. Water reaches a certain level underneath the road in the a collective bassin (so the actual tunnel is even deeper) and get’s pumped off at the moment the water reaches a certain level.

    There’s some internet links to view them above posted by others.

    Here’s the oldest one we have here in the NL.


  • Stephen

    The idea is so good, that they already implemented it.

    Started making bridges like that in the 1800s, and they included roads underneath.

  • Is that in Holland ?
    What a great bridge.

  • peter

    It’s called a aquaduct for real. The are quite common here in the Netherlands.
    Her an example of one being build.

    So no photoshop guys.


  • odejide

    the design is out of this world.

  • it’s a great idea and it’s very usefull

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  • Raja sumair

    Great pictures.amazing and interesting.ilove these pictures.give more nature beautiful landscapes.By tkecare

  • lol..i can’t stop laughing..this is one of the best photos i have ever watch

  • great technology and best idea

  • Bryan

    Nothing new… I can think of two here in Canada right off the top of my head… tunnel under the St. Lawrence Seaway in Beauharnois, QC and under the Welland Canal in Windsor, ON

    Why do it this way? Much less engineering than a bridge tall enough to have traffic go over and much less of a visual eyesore IMO.

  • AG

    Any of you ever heard of the “Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel” ?

  • it is in Mexico, SE of Veracruz

  • Ethan

    We have had this in The Netherlands for a loonnng time.. nothing really new here, but a very nice photo though. 🙂

  • Emily

    Anyone who thinks that is photo shopped is not very well educated. How about the Chesapeak Bay Bridge tunnel in Maryland that goes entirely underwater? I’ve driven through it before. It’s considered one of the “7 engineering wonders of the modern world” so its nothing to sneeze at, but it exists.

  • Kad

    dion says:
    July 26, 2010 at 12:23 am
    Looks nice but as a practical matter……Whats the depth of the bridge and how deep does the keel go on a typical boat which will cross the bridge? Another matter is water is pretty heavy and the bridge would have to support that tonnage. Lots of engineering questions……

    Very funny. There are a lot of underwater tunnels. Not the least of which is the Chunnel (between France and England, which does go deeper than the actual water). From an engineering point of view, underwater tunnels have been built for a long time, and are actually quite simple compared to over water bridges, which must also consider weight, wind resonance (look up the Tacoma Narrows Bridge if you don’t believe me), corrosion from water, wind, and vibration,

  • Makr

    There’s a simple reason why these aqueducts can be favored over bridges and it can even be seen in the picture: Sailing boats. Their depth is rather moderate but their mast height can be quite high

  • master_burn

    its built that way so sailing boats with high masts can drive trough. It would be much more complicated to build a bridge that high …

  • Kuifje

    in Friesland we have at least three aquaducts or naviducts, Sneek, Grouw and Akkrum

  • abe

    this photo is to see the human mind what can do ……… its so incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sander

    These are most common in Holland. No waiting for bridges to close/open.

  • This is 100 % real!

  • Its super idea as technology advanced and excellent people coming with futuristic methods to get things done in systematic and easy way. Thanks to new technologies and great human brain.

  • Jan

    Within 30 miles of my home (in Friesland, Netherlands) I know 10 aquaducts of this kind. I live in an area known for its sailing tourism and for important waterways crossing important roads this appears to be the best solution by far.

  • Mabel

    An aquaduct =)

  • Matt

    Typical Dutch invention! 🙂 hereby another one;


    Near a place called Gouda, this aquaduct is crossing one of the main highways in the Western part of the Netherlands.

    Proud to be Dutch 🙂

  • Stu

    Why not a bridge?

    The project would have to be four times the size/complexity to get a bridge large enough to pass a boat mast under.
    Or have an opening bridge.
    This one cost nothing to run.
    Brilliant in it’s simplicity.
    Only the Dutch.

  • Ishak

    Its showing human can do anything, if thay intending.

  • cunnchops

    lol @ everybody saying “what if it rains?”

    fucking spastics

  • BoilingOil

    When I was a child, my father had a sailing boat. We sailed many of the dutch lakes and waterways, and we’ve crossed several of those aquaducts. I must have been somewhere between 10 and 15 years, back then… I’m 51 now, so some of these constructions must have existed for quite a bit longer than 40 years already…

    It’s really amazing to sail across an aquaduct and stop halfway, moaring at the railing, and see cars pass beneath you. That was mighty impressive!

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  • At first glance i taught that is was a graphics trick.
    but it is possible, very creative

  • info

    wow thats the place where i live LOL
    harderwijk viaduct is the name

  • Babee-Kaz

    how do u get 2 th other side? lol

  • Enter Name Here

    So they built a f’in tunnel who gives a F.

  • Toon

    Why is everybody saying “this is such a great idea”? They just made some dikes and a tunnel? Don’t get me wrong, I’m dutch and proud of it, but I don’t see anything special about the concept. It was probably just a lot cheaper than tunneling all the way under the canal.

  • Hanslovink

    over de a4 in holland is al jaren een waterweg

  • relo

    simple, it goes up you mums bum

  • Theluckdog

    Obviously not you. So that begs the question why did you even waste time looking at the page, or commenting on it? Geesh, some people would always rather say something ignorant, than say nothing at all.

  • i had been to this place a month ago. it’s looks amazing , better than this picture.

  • Ptby

    Tunnels actually cost a lot of money to run

  • DikInPuzzy

    What if it’s raining flood in funnel? But hooowwwwww?

  • Terifik

    I like different things like this.

  • AoyD

    Really Great image, Thanks 🙂


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  • Tom

    As you can see there is a bridge a few hundred meters away. Alone is not high enough for all sailboats. While the aquaduct is not big enough for inland vessels.


  • Simski

    that one is even a lock and done by Zwarts and Jansma architects and called a naviduct:

  • MastreMahem

    I could have built a bridge, a tunnel, and a time machine in the time it took for you to ‘splain yourself. I think 24 people drowned in the same time….

  • MastreMahem

    HA! You are funny. “Human can do anything…” except what’s most important or necessary.

  • Piebe Post

    Wow! That’s very smart of you! You’ve overruled hundreds of engineers with over 40 years of experience in making this constructions!

  • A Ihsancamlica

    hepsi birbirinden güzel resimler tebrikler

  • Narenhariom

    dont look here

  • Grobbebol

    Ever heard of a pump ?
    Well, there are some in the basement, at the deepest point, with pipes to the surface dumping the water in the lake or river…

  • Interesting that a leopard can get along with a dog. I hope its not photoshop.

  • John

    …I’m wondering how no one has made a “water under the bridge” pun yet. Anyone?

  • Susan

    In the state of Virginia we have over 6 underwater tunnel roadways. So in our neck of the woods this isn’t all that unusual. We are use to driving thru these tunnels but I have family from out of state and they get scared whenever we go thru one!

  • waqar

    See Please (POLY)

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  • It’s Me

    This is in the Netherlands, at Harderwijk – I live closeby. Fun to drive through, even greater to sail across. Took my kids across one day – people waving from inside their cars and all. A blast! This is only half of the structure: the second part is a bridge (for freighters) and the aquaduct is for smaller recreational vessels.

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  • zulugula
  • A Great Idea

  • very smart fox ……………………….. thanks

  • Anna

    Where is the picture of the boy on the dock and the girl under water from? It is sad and beautiful.

  • Gietie

    Actually, we use these things called aquaducts quite often in the Netherlands. We have at least twenty of them, according to Wikipedia.

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  • Ben

    Love the pictures. Especially the cat with the lions mane.

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  • dolancic

    we in croatia even dont hava road 😀