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  • BoilingOil

    When I was a child, my father had a sailing boat. We sailed many of the dutch lakes and waterways, and we’ve crossed several of those aquaducts. I must have been somewhere between 10 and 15 years, back then… I’m 51 now, so some of these constructions must have existed for quite a bit longer than 40 years already…

    It’s really amazing to sail across an aquaduct and stop halfway, moaring at the railing, and see cars pass beneath you. That was mighty impressive!

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  • http://www.cuttingboardbamboo.net Bamboo board

    At first glance i taught that is was a graphics trick.
    but it is possible, very creative

  • info

    wow thats the place where i live LOL
    harderwijk viaduct is the name

  • Babee-Kaz

    how do u get 2 th other side? lol

  • Enter Name Here

    So they built a f’in tunnel who gives a F.

  • Toon

    Why is everybody saying “this is such a great idea”? They just made some dikes and a tunnel? Don’t get me wrong, I’m dutch and proud of it, but I don’t see anything special about the concept. It was probably just a lot cheaper than tunneling all the way under the canal.

  • Hanslovink

    over de a4 in holland is al jaren een waterweg

  • relo

    simple, it goes up you mums bum

  • Theluckdog

    Obviously not you. So that begs the question why did you even waste time looking at the page, or commenting on it? Geesh, some people would always rather say something ignorant, than say nothing at all.

  • http://www.hearingaidsdelhi.com Shivam

    i had been to this place a month ago. it’s looks amazing , better than this picture.

  • Ptby

    Tunnels actually cost a lot of money to run

  • DikInPuzzy

    What if it’s raining flood in funnel? But hooowwwwww?

  • Terifik

    I like different things like this.

  • AoyD

    Really Great image, Thanks :)


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  • Tom

    As you can see there is a bridge a few hundred meters away. Alone is not high enough for all sailboats. While the aquaduct is not big enough for inland vessels.


  • Simski

    that one is even a lock and done by Zwarts and Jansma architects and called a naviduct:

  • MastreMahem

    I could have built a bridge, a tunnel, and a time machine in the time it took for you to ‘splain yourself. I think 24 people drowned in the same time….

  • MastreMahem

    HA! You are funny. “Human can do anything…” except what’s most important or necessary.

  • Piebe Post

    Wow! That’s very smart of you! You’ve overruled hundreds of engineers with over 40 years of experience in making this constructions!

  • A Ihsancamlica

    hepsi birbirinden güzel resimler tebrikler

  • Narenhariom

    dont look here

  • Grobbebol

    Ever heard of a pump ?
    Well, there are some in the basement, at the deepest point, with pipes to the surface dumping the water in the lake or river…

  • http://www.whizoffice.com Whiz

    Interesting that a leopard can get along with a dog. I hope its not photoshop.

  • John

    …I’m wondering how no one has made a “water under the bridge” pun yet. Anyone?

  • Susan

    In the state of Virginia we have over 6 underwater tunnel roadways. So in our neck of the woods this isn’t all that unusual. We are use to driving thru these tunnels but I have family from out of state and they get scared whenever we go thru one!

  • waqar

    See Please (POLY)

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  • It’s Me

    This is in the Netherlands, at Harderwijk – I live closeby. Fun to drive through, even greater to sail across. Took my kids across one day – people waving from inside their cars and all. A blast! This is only half of the structure: the second part is a bridge (for freighters) and the aquaduct is for smaller recreational vessels.

  • http://www.thelightthatsaveslives.com/ Fire Emergency Light

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  • zulugula
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    A Great Idea

  • http://www.joomlti.com bandit

    very smart fox ……………………….. thanks

  • Anna

    Where is the picture of the boy on the dock and the girl under water from? It is sad and beautiful.

  • Gietie

    Actually, we use these things called aquaducts quite often in the Netherlands. We have at least twenty of them, according to Wikipedia.

  • http://www.aquarianarts.com putra

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    Good Job

  • http://listnation.blogspot.com/ Ben

    Love the pictures. Especially the cat with the lions mane.

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  • dolancic

    we in croatia even dont hava road :D