Saturday , 21 October 2017

Wow, thats one big fish

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    U r fuking stupid if u think that this fish is 17 meters long….. if so one of the guys who hold it should be 8 meters tall……..

  • yeyah

    @wyro : it says they can grow up to 17m long, not that this fish is 17m long. Read buddy

  • Wyro is a Tool with a small dick

    The longest ever recorded was 17m. wyro, you have clearly demonstrated who is fucking stupid.

  • Its not a fish its a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love fish…….

  • These fish lived in sweeden water

  • God that fish looks like an Anaconda

  • der

    i like teh part with the fish

  • this giant fish in the world

  • oj4n

    big fish.. how to toast it…??

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  • socratestes

    in order to have the energy to grow that big, it should be a omnivore. any evidence it chomps on pipple?

  • Soendoro Soetanto

    Is it eatable?

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • rickyrock

    Hhohooo ..
    that’s the giant fish !
    I want to toast it in my garden …

  • Erski

    Hihihihihi Sushi!

  • babyPuncher

    LOL the Polish kid doesn’t know how to read. Another reason to hate Polish people 🙂

  • idiots

    you all are fucking retarded idiots

  • dave

    looks like a dragon!

  • Truth1111

    This is a beast born in the very bowels of Hell. After the First War in Heaven, the Annunaki departed Earth and returned to their world. They left behind the Zeta Reticulli, who then left great guardians to swim the depths of the ocean. Their stasis dimension, what we call Hell,shattered when BP and their Illuminati masters cracked open a deep hole in the Earth, which caused it to bleed. This angered the watchers put here by the Zetas, so now they herald the return of Leviathan. Once mankind has been punished by Leviathan, the Zetas will reveal themselves as mankind’s lords and masters. The Illuminati, who believe themselves to be faithful servants, shall suffer like no others, for they dared to oppose the will of the Annunaki. Look upon this ancient herald of defilement, O Man, and know that you are judged incompetent!

  • kolden

    Is that even a real fish? i would freak if i pulled one of them up,

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  • Sonic

    Jesus, i thought this was a photoshop!

    Check this video of one alive:

  • emma

    we need to fuck you up

  • Wow – imagine the size of his barbecue

  • the best site

  • Ken in Dublin

    It’s an oarfish, deep sea dweller, it must be dying or dead and surfaced as a result.

  • You should have seen the one that got away

  • dade

    hello folks. it seems to that the fish is too big to live in small altitudine waters. they were probably scared of something. so that could be a bigger monster . in conclusion there are bigger creatures from the debths wich will come to surface. we will see bigger fishes.

  • fuegowang

    i have never seen such a big fish, we can call it a monster, i think.

  • What A Big-Lo0oNg Fish …

  • OMG…I never saw these fishes in my life…most of them look like a man eaters…some fished reminded a very recent movie @Piranha 3D..

  • sudhahar

    wow that are realy amazing i did,t see like that cat fish before,,…
    I think it,s that world biggest cat fish.

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  • Wow, giant fish in the world!

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  • these are damn huge fish!!!


  • fishyyyyyyy

  • wow, wow, wow, what’s that! eas system

  • thanks for share! so cool!

  • Damn really big creatures indeed . Great pics

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    great game play

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