Children’s Drawings Come to Life

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  1. Awesome! The artist did a great job making the pictures look professional while keeping them very close to the original drawings.

  2. Those are terrifying! Will never look at children drawings the same.

  3. My three-year-old kept making “eek” sounds as we scrolled through. A little bit scary!

  4. It’s like Tim Burton ate the brown acid.

  5. A buck says Superman doesn’t have a girlfriend.


  6. Alejandro Pappolla

    Los argentinos no tienen sentimientos

  7. This is Dave DeVries, he was my professor of comic illustration in college! He even brought some of these to class and gave a demo how he made them. He’s an amazing artist!

  8. or they just suck at drawing

  9. Alejandro Pappolla, no sé a qué viene tu comentario. Yo soy argentino y si tengo sentimientos. La vergüenza ajena es un sentimiento por ejemplo, y es lo que yo siento por vos, que sos bastante pelotudo.

  10. It’s funny, It’s like Tim Burton ate the brown acid.

  11. Al Jaffee did this for Mad Magazine 40 years ago — except that he actually built the things, like a plane. One of their funniest articles evah.

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  13. How the heck does that artist make those drawings come to life???????????

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