Have You Noticed?!















  1. who are these people?!

  2. Michael Cera – Juno
    Adam Sandberg – SNL
    That guy from the Facebook movie

    do you not watch tv?

  3. “That guy from the Facebook movie”

    Jesse Eisenberg.

  4. the dude from zombie land!

  5. it’s called being JEWISH!

  6. You made me smile Mr. Obama lol. . .cute dog. Oh Edward you look like a feather duster?hahahha that’s a big NO NO!

  7. Katherine Heigl is nothing like Judy Garland.. and nice try with Obama

  8. I didn’t know how anyone missed how Justin Bieber looks exactly like Mattie Ross in “True Grit” until I compared them side by side. Mattie looks more like a boy than Justin does!

  9. nice jab at obama. thumbs up.

  10. should i watch tv? is there anything noteworthy on?
    b-sides…the internet is so much cheaper than cable/satellite…so is netflix.

  11. It says “Robert Pattinson’s Hair” not Robert Pattinson looks like a Feather Duster.

  12. Karl Stephens (Auckland, NZ)

    I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying agin, this planet has a limited gene pool.

  13. LMFAOO the LOLcat compare to the oldman llllllllllllllloooooooooooolllllllllllllll

  14. looooooooolllllllllll snoki and the lumpa

  15. Umpalumpa looks more like rajon rondo. HAHA

  16. You compared 2 pics of Ellen Page but listed one of them as Linda Cardellini. LC played the brunette lawyer intern from Legally Blonde, Ellen Page played the witness/actual muderer… and I feel a bit gay for knowing that, so thank you ever so much :o[

  17. @librlman – No, Ellen Page was never in Legally Blonde, that IS Linda Cardellini to the left.

  18. @librlman – You have heard of http://www.imdb.com to check these things, before you make yourself look like an ass, right?

  19. Have you noticed that Wendy Williams totally looks like Shari Lewis’ Lambchop puppet?

  20. you’ve forgot Kahlen Rondot (americas next top model 2nd place) and Carmen Kass (model) 😉

  21. Thomas Jane looks like Christopher Lambert

  22. this is probably the greatest thing i’ve seen all day 🙂

  23. LMFAO!
    Taylor Lautner = Man Bear Pig!!
    i can acc see the resemblance funnily 🙂

  24. that was fun!!

    cool collection!

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