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French Teens Partying with a Llama

Five drunk teenagers from Bordeaux, France, kidnapped a 8-year-old circus llama named Serge and took him to a party. The kids and the llama boarded a subway train but were later stopped by a station agent. They were arrested and …

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Ghost Town Namie, Japan

Namie is a small town in Japan that was abandoned after tsunami and Fukushima nuclear plant fail in 2011. At the invitation of local officials, Google recently deployed its camera-equipped vehicles to Namie to create a street view map of …

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Mayor of the Town of Talkeetna

I’m sure it is one of the best mayor in the world. Red cat named Stubbs won the elections in 1997 and became the mayor of Alaskan town of Talkeetna that has approximately 900 residents. Most of the time Stubbs …

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