Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep


  1. “We can only dream about faces we have already seen, whether we actively remember them or not.”

    False.. I’ve dreamed faces I could not have seen before. It’s not like this is hard to disprove, your brain can easily make collages of face types.

  2. I agree. I have dreamed of blurred faces where there is nothing like a human face upon the human that was in my dream. At other times yes a collage of a human face has been made with aspects blurred and unclear.

  3. Unfortunately you’re wrong. The human memory is extremely poor. For obvious reasons the brain only stores memories that are of importance and forgets everything else. However just because we do not REMEMBER seeing a face, does not mean that we did not see it. Intuition is very real. Only about 50% of the stimuli in our world are of high enough action potentials to create a sense in our brain, that is a nerve cell sends to the brain the result of a stimulation in our environment and our brain perceives that sense. The other 50% of senses are still acting upon us but we are unaware of their presence, thus when we act on intuition, we are acting on senses that are there, just our conscious brain has not made sense of. Taking that knowledge, as I am sure you have been out into the world and have walked down busy streets, you have undoubtedly seen faces. These faces however were not of high enough importance to you to create a memory therefore you do not remember them consciously. Sub-consciously though you still saw the face. While truly amazing the brain cannot create faces. Your idea of a facial randomizer based on “types” is interesting but not true. Any face you see in a dream is one that is based upon a face you have seen in real life whether you remember or not. And contrary to what you may think this point is IMPOSSIBLE to disprove because 1. we have no way of accurately portraying our dreams to the very detail once we are awake nor can we watch someones dreams as they are asleep and 2. There is no way of proving that you have not seen that face before, unless the subject in question had been isolated their whole lives.

  4. You can see many faces during your life time, either on tv or just walking on the street, you can’t remember all of them, so even if you do recall dreaming a face that u can swear you haven’t seen before, that might not be true. it’s just your brain messing with you.

  5. #8 : Sleep Positions. All photos are shopped and taken from Oren Lavie : – Cool clip in my opinion. The song is Her Morning Elegance.

  6. you sound like you made up those numbers to prove a point and sound smart

  7. while sleeping ,even you make stories which can happen in your life after sometime

  8. 6 and 8 are straight out bullshit. These are things that cannot be determined or evidenced. They are myths which will no doubt be quoted in real life by the naive without a single thought as to their validity.

    Depending on which countries have been surveyed I would say that 3 and 15 may not be correct. All these statistics need to be a snapshot of the entire globe not just one country which surveys tend to be, and thus are INCOMPLETE with the a lot of it being (un)educated guesses.

  9. Bed wetting past the normal age is a sign of the triad often seen in violent children (in almost 100% of serial killers) and is an indicator of violent tendencies. I hope those kids quit soon. 🙂

  10. haha is ds reaL??? haha

  11. #13 is very wrong. The record is 11 days and there were no ill effects. Others have claimed even longer. No person has ever died from sleep deprivation (fatal familial insomnia has more going on than just a loss of sleep, but still they go for months without sleep). Rats will die after 3-4 weeks of sleep deprivation, but would die of starvation first.

  12. It said “can kill you”- meaning that 10 days was the probably the minimum amount recorded to have an effect as intense as death.

  13. says “skepticalguy” lololol XD

  14. I never see faces in my dreams even people i know. I never have

  15. i call b.s on the fact that more than 10, days without can kill you , make you sick and paranoid yes, but kill you ? i stayed awake without sleep with three other volenters for more than 2 weeks with out stimulants with only mild side affects> there is also a case in witch a marine was held captive without sleep for more than a 100 days before he died in an veitnam interment camp.

  16. This is bullshit, if you wanna learn something about sleep, check some science articles, not that kind of website

  17. That, plus the whole deja vu thing where your brain plays a trick on you and tells you you already saw something before — hence subjective ‘evidence’ of people claiming to have dreamt up new faces and seen the future are peculiarly unreliable.

  18. 13th in the list i think its the opossite!

  19. Wow….. thats so interesting.

  20. WHoa! great collection.. I really enjoy it..

  21. “10 DAYS WITHOUT SLEEP CAN KILL YOU!!!” Oh well at least then I’m safe by 2 days ;o).

  22. waw i like it and intersted!!!

  23. The point of we can only dream about faces we’ve seen is total bullshit. I’ve dreamt so many times of pple I’ve never seen before and tried very hard (in the dream) to focus and remember their faces when I somehow realises I’m dreaming from the little things around me, so i can wake up and perhaps sketch the faces so if and when I do meet these pple, I have proof of some sorts to say “hey, I’ve seen you before!” 🙂

  24. Ten days without sleep cannot kill you.
    The world record is 11 days and the record refuse to renew it for health issues that MAY occur.
    in fact, your brain kinda shuts down while you are awake to fill the gap for rest.
    During that time period the person is awake yet daydreams and may give nonsense responses.

  25. “People who do not dream generally have personality disorders.” Ah it all makes sense now… but is it chicken-and-egg? (If you can’t dream, your mind cannot heal itself?) Thank fuck I’m dreaming at the moment.

  26. Some of these “facts” are nonsense. There has never been a documented case of a person dying due to sleep deprivation, EVER and the world record for staying up the longest is over 10 days. If I recall correctly, it takes rats about 30 days of sleep deprivation to die.

    Dream recall is something that can be improved with practice. It’s possible to remember multiple REM periods from a single night if you simply get in the habit of remembering your dream, so people who keep “dream journals” wouldn’t forget their dreams. Also, how does one quantify how much of a dream can’t be remembered? What nonsense.

    How could anyone possibly claim to have established that “you can only dream about faces you have seen” is factual? That is just absolutely ridiculous. There is simply no way that could EVER be accurately tested. It’s idiotic to even pretend to claim that you know that’s true.

  27. My girlfriend doesn’t dream. I guess that is why she got such a bad personality which I like

  28. It takes much more than two weeks to starve, if you drink water…
    I would say 40 to 60 days.

  29. My personal record (19 year ago) is 21 days without eating a thing, I was only on water…
    First day : I weighed 75 kg (165 lbs) for 1m89 (6feet3).
    At the end it was only 68 kg (149.6 lbs). I was perfectly fine.

  30. Wow that’s hilarious lol. I really like you guys stuff, thanks for making it public.

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  33. I strongly dissagry about men dreaming about other men 70% of the time. While you dream, you tend to stick towards your life style desires most times.

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