Tuesday , 25 September 2018


No Chance for the Seal

The seal was thinking it was save lying on the ice but he was so wrong. Two killer whales knocked it into the water and ate it. They used their clever team tactic that provides meals for killer whales three out of every four times they use it. Take a look.

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Coming out of the Shell

These birds are coming out of their shell. They’re all very ugly when they first emerge but they get cuter and cuter as they get just a little older. It’s truly the miracle of birth, complete with shell.

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The Caring Owl

4 years ago a man from South Africa saved an eagle owl that was injured. The owl stayed in the man’s house for two months.

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Adventurous Duck

Quiet working time of employees of the National Museum of American Indian was interrupted by a mother-duck, “traveling” in the streets with her 13 ducklings.

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