Tuesday , 25 September 2018


Beautiful And Courageous Snails

Gabi Stickler is an amateur photographer and most of the times she photographs dogs. Her other passion is photographing snails. Snails are beautiful, curious and courageous.

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New ‘Galaxy’ Crayfish Discovered In Indonesia

A German scientist recently discovered what is possibly the most beautiful crayfish in the world – Cherax pulcher. This little freshwater cousin of the shrimp and lobster, native to Indonesia, has a vividly colorful shell that looks like a cosmic nebula or a tropical sunset. This beautiful crayfish’s discovery by Christian Lukhaup came with an ironic twist – the pet …

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Animals With Butterflies Look Like Disney In Real Life

These surprising photos show masses of butterflies interacting with various animals. But why do they do it, especially with such risk to themselves? One answer is that butterflies typically swarm during migration, and these pictures capture such a moment. The other answer is that butterflies can’t get all the minerals they need from flowers, making them attracted to things that …

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After His Mom Died In A Car Accident, This Cub Was Adopted By A Dog

Baby wild animals like Dinozzo, a fox cub whose mother was killed in a road-side collision, often don’t stand much of a chance when their parents are taken away from them. Luckily for this three-week-old fox cub, he was handed over to a vet and then adopted by an animal-loving couple in Germany with a beautiful collie dog named Ziva, …

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Adorable Dragonflies Hiding In My Backyard

This is the series of cute dragonflies I found in my backyard. I have been photographing them for several years. I know them by heart – their favorite places to be, what they like and how they fly. To capture the beauty and sweetness of these insects I used macro photography and natural surroundings. They usually spend their time on …

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Rescue workers save a trapped and exhausted horse

When arriving to his barn one morning, a Polish farmer, who has cared for horses for more than a decade, discovered one of his mares had broken through her fence and found herself in a frustrating predicament. The covering of a hole in the garage floor, meant for use while working on cars, crumbled under her weight leaving her trapped. …

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