Sunday , 25 February 2018


So… it’s raining sea monsters in Alaska right now

In Fairbanks, Alaska residents are venturing outside with caution as live lampreys are falling from the sky according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Lampreys are a parasitic species of fish with a funnel of teeth for a mouth. They attach to their host and suck its blood. Lampreys spawn in the Chena River which runs through Fairbanks. …

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Terminally Ill Dog Does a Cross-country Trip

Poh the dog is on a cross-country adventure with his owner who adores him. Neil Rodriguez has had his buddy Poh for 15 years and as any dog owner will say it’s never long enough. Poh has lived with Neil since he was 8 weeks old and they both have loved every moment of it. When veterinarians told Neil that …

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Never Trust A Turtle They Get Into Some Crazy Shenanigans

This guy’s Girlfriend asked him to take care of her tortoise while she was away on vacation. She specifically asked to not let him get into any trouble. Instead, they had an epic guy’s night, and sent her pictures. It’s time to get amped up the long night of partying This little guy drives better drink get him some beers …

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This creature will haunt your dreams

This is the Shoebill Stork. A very big predatory bird that lives in the swamps of Africa. It’s freakin gigantic! He’s got nope written all over him. Velociraptors come to mind. In all seriousness, it’s a beautiful creature…. …but it terrifies me!

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Beautiful And Courageous Snails

Gabi Stickler is an amateur photographer and most of the times she photographs dogs. Her other passion is photographing snails. Snails are beautiful, curious and courageous.

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New ‘Galaxy’ Crayfish Discovered In Indonesia

A German scientist recently discovered what is possibly the most beautiful crayfish in the world – Cherax pulcher. This little freshwater cousin of the shrimp and lobster, native to Indonesia, has a vividly colorful shell that looks like a cosmic nebula or a tropical sunset. This beautiful crayfish’s discovery by Christian Lukhaup came with an ironic twist – the pet …

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