Saturday , 16 December 2017


I Made a Book of Tear-Out Signs You Can Put Up at Work

Working that 9 to 5 can be a drag. That’s why I made this book of tear-out office signs. Entertain your coworkers with 23 different signs that are guaranteed to make that office life a little more fun. Place them on the water cooler, in the bathroom, or anywhere else around the office that makes sense. This is the newest …

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Hilarious People Who Were Also Kind Of Dicks In 2017

We love hilarious people, and we love them even when they’re kind of dicks. It’s better when they’re not being dicks to you, of course. 2017 was a great year for watching hilarious people be dicks to others, and hopefully not too many people were a dick to you this year. If they were, we hope it was at least …

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Homeowner Tries To Shut Down Xmas Party, Is Gifted Instant Regret

After a student living off campus sent out a Facebook invite for an epic Xmas party bash, his HOA caught wind and sent a lengthy letter to shut it down. Whatever this guy did in the past, he sounds like a goddamn legend. His response to the HOA’s call to disband was eloquent, articulate, and would make the Beastie Boys …

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Awesome Christmas Decoration Ideas For Lazy People

Christmas is just around the corner and no matter how much planning you do, there is always a ton of stuff to get done. So who really wants to spend all that time decorating? Digging out the tree, dealing with a ball of tangled lights, bulbs going out, ornaments constantly breaking, and who could forget the endless trails of sparkles …

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Family Takes Hilariously Awkward Christmas Photos For 15 Years

Awkward Christmas photos are always hilarious, but usually not on purpose. The Bergeron Family, however, has taken awkward Christmas photos and turned them into high art. Every year for a decade and a half they’ve changed personalities and styles to explore new realms of awkward. Even one of their awkward Christmas photos contains more awkwardness than most of us expel …

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