Saturday , 10 December 2016



What Sex Positions People Prefer In Europe And In The U.S.

“When we looked at respondents’ favourite positions in bed, we found that a little over 35 percent preferred doggy style. Missionary position was also a fan favourite, with nearly 23 percent of survey takers picking this sexual position. What is it about doggy style that keeps the majority of respondents coming back for more? Doggy style allows for deeper penetration, …

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Pics That Survived College

We get it. You’re overworked, nervous about your performance, and not sure if you’re even in the right place. Don’t worry, the rest of adulthood isn’t like that at all.

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Trust Me Guys, I Really Got This

No matter how hard you try, it’s always hard to stop some people from being bizarre. Such people have their own weird way of living their life. However, it actually works well for them even though the world finds it weird. Even if you don’t find them to be cool, they actually make them feel they’re cool in front of …

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Awesome Things That You Never Need But Definitely Want In Life

Did you get all the things that you wished in your life? I’m pretty sure that your answer will be a big NO. It’s the human desire which is something unstoppable. Even if you get things that your heart desired the most, after a while it’s gonna be desiring for something else that’s more attractive and costly than the old …

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Artist Turns Total Strangers Into Awesome Anime Characters

American artist Robert DeJesus has a special talent for drawing anime. He likes to use his talent to taking photos of total strangers and turning them into anime characters. Robert says he wishes he could get to everyone’s requests for pictures, but he would burn himself out if he tried.

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Isn’t There Something Odd About All These Pictures?

Although this gallery looks ordinary, you’ll be shocked once you find out what’s making them all really odd pictures. Everything is gonna look normal unless you see it carefully and find the unusual occurrence from it. Doesn’t it sound like a puzzle? Well, it does. You’ll feel real hard in finding out what’s unusual in many of these pictures and …

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