Wednesday , 20 September 2017


Funny Yard Signs You’d Stop Your Car To Read

If you’re going to have something in front of your house, you could do way worse than hilarious yard signs. Like garden gnomes, for instance. Terrifying. Hilarious yard signs serve a double purpose, of course. Information and entertainment, letting you know what’s up while also giving you a chuckle. Why can’t everything in life be so useful?

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Funny Food Memes For The Microwave Chef

The perfect kitchen has all the right spices, good well-maintained cooking tools, and of course, funny food memes. Probably just stuff the memes in a drawer or something. If you’re like me you’re not using the cutting board or paprika anyway, you’re just eating half a jar of pickles and staring sadly at a bag of chips until it magically …

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Funny Dog Thoughts

I often think that if my dog could speak, what would he actually say? Dogs also can’t use twitter but if they could, this twitter account perfectly sums up the every day “Thoughts of a Dog” that all dog owners can relate to. From taking up all the space in your bed to the science of belly rubs, these hilarious …

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People I’m Reporting To 1-800-Crime-Stoppers Immediately

That’s it, I’m calling the police. There’s very little holding our fragile social bonds together. People barely even watch baseball anymore. In a world like this, what meaning do laws have? Apparently none, as we see these evil anarchists walk all over the grass, stand behind gates, and touch things which clearly say not to touch. Any minor violation like …

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