Thursday , 1 September 2016



Girl’s Senior Picture Gets Ruined By A Naked Man And A Dog

Jillian Henry from Eugene, Oregon decided to take her senior photo at the Willamette River but apparently she picked the wrong spot. It wasn’t long before Jillian was photobombed by a naked man and a dog, but she played it off like a true professional. She later shared the pictures on Twitter and the photobomber has now become infamous on …

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Brazilian artist transforms random IG photos

Brazilian illustrator Lucas Levitan refers to himself as a “photo invader.” He browses Instagram looking for images which he transforms by adding his own artistic, cartoonish touch. The results are funny, sometimes poignant and add a fairy tale quality to the images. If you’d like for Lucas to “invade” one of your images, he invites submissions with the hashtag #iwanttobeinvaded.

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People That Are Simply Doing It Wrong

Rarely we do see people who’re stupid enough in doing things completely the wrong way. But thanks to the internet for these pictures which prove us that such people even exists. Look at these pictures, this is definitely not the way things are supposed to be done. We sometimes feel really bad for these people who’re simply doing it wrong. …

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