Wednesday , 28 September 2016



Perfect Angle Photos That Need To Be Looked Twice

Yeah, I’m serious! You definitely need some time to understand these pictures, at least twice your look. Sometimes all you need to make a shot incredible is to capture that moment at the right time and at a perfect angle. Since perspective is everything, you need to master the art of perspective and right timing in order to take some …

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Funny But Perfect Way of Doing Things

Each and every person on earth have their own unique way of doing things. Whether you like it or not, they love what they are doing. But when some people do things completely the wrong way and end up in miserable fails, there are people who do things in a funny but perfect way. You’ll really be impressed with these …

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Funny College GameDay signs are back

College GameDay was in Knoxville, Tennessee this weekend for the Florida vs. Tennessee matchup. Florida had won 11 straight games in the rivalry, but Tennessee came out with the win on Saturday, 38-28.

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The Most Unexplainable WTF Pictures Ever Seen On The Internet

Although we rarely do see any weird things around us, the internet has some reserved space that let us explore through thousands of such weirdness. Here are some such pictures that took the level of weirdness to its extreme. Seriously, what encourages these people in doing such stuff that is so crazy. According to me, the internet should be the …

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Epic Fails That Makes Your Day Feel Better

There’s no guarantee for anything here in this world because those perfect-looking moments of yours can be ruined anytime with just a simple fail. People of the internet have this weird habit of feeling good when seeing pictures of other people, things or even animals fail at life. If you’re one among them, then you’re gonna surely enjoy this gallery …

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