Interesting Facts To Boost Your Brain

Facts are the simplest way of learning things around you. So the best way to improve your knowledge is by looking into many interesting facts like these. You won’t be left bored, as these are really interesting facts about random things that you should be knowing. Although these facts seem as just a fraction of knowledge, collecting and storing more …

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People Are Trying To Prove That Their Pets Can See Pokèmon Go

Pokemon Go is a global obsession and people are playing it constantly. No matter where you go now you see someone playing Pokemon, and some people are convinced that pets can see the Pokemon from the game. Photos have been popping up on social media which feature animals looking at Pokemon suspiciously. Take a look and see what you think.

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Greatest Work Fails & Job LOLs That Will Leave You Speechless

It is a fact that there is no escape from little mistakes that we make every now and then unless we learn from it and correct it. Although we all had created some kind of funny moments at work, just like these poor people who had appeared online. Which was your greatest work fail ever, do you still remember it? …

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Ridiculous Videos That Could Only Come From YouTube

YouTube is a social network that focuses on video and it has one of the largest communities on the internet. With so many people uploading hours of content every second of the day, there’s bound to be more than a few strange videos on there and these are some of the strangest ones.

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