Monday , 19 February 2018


Hilarious Police Sketches

This guy came from the ’70s! This police sketch looks like a caricature. Why does this guy look like he’s just seen his dream gift? This is the most accurate illustration ever! Oh, wow. Looks pretty much the same. Good job, guys! A perfect caricature. Oh, stop it. A man with this hair can’t be a criminal. Hmm…do you think …

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Nothing Better Than Pranking Your Special One

To set the stage: I come in wearing my wife’s Christmas PJs. She starts laughing at me. I ask her to take two Polaroid pictures of me. She grabs the film, opens the box (important detail), and loads it into the camera. She was laughing pretty hard at how ridiculous I looked. I sit next to her and say, “let’s …

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Dumb Things That’ll Make You Feel Like A Huge Genius

Dumb things are actually really useful, when you see them you know you’re at least smarter than THAT. So I hope you see lots of dumb things. Not so many to ruin your day or anything, but just enough to let you know you’re ahead of the curve. But if you look at this list and can’t find anything stupid, …

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