Monday , 11 December 2017


Daily LOL

Thanks to the internet and all the faithful uploaders around, we never run out of funny things to look at. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to make your day a bit better as we compile the most hilarious photos and memes from all over the web. So go ahead, take a break and break out a few laughs! …

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The Crappiest ‘Crappy Design’ Fails

There’s so much crappy design out there that you probably see some crappy design on your way to work in the morning — misspelled signs, stupidly placed stop signs, and about half the cars on the road. That’s the kind of crappy design that makes you sad. This is the kind of crappy design that you can laugh at from …

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Pictures That Belong In The Museum Of Smartass History

Everyone loves a smartass, but nobody loves being the smartass’s target. Since the beginning of time we’ve depended on the smartass to make fun of dumb rules, inaccurate language, and social conventions. The Smartass is one of the most valuable people in society. So we should start encouraging smartass kids instead of punishing them. We may need them someday.

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Awesome College GameDay Signs

College GameDay signs from the last month of the season are just as good as the second month of the season. Check out all the best below and tune into the college football bowl season.

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Guy Writes “Loving” Letter To Unexpecting Cheating Girlfriend

While it’s not the worst thing that could happen, getting cheated on is an absolutely rotten experience. If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in that situation, there are a handful of non-aggressive ways manage it. Just ask the gentleman below. Instead of going into a blind-rage, he channeled his frustration and hurt into a “loving” letter and gave to …

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“Miserable Men” Shopping With Their Ladies

Just a reminder to all those husbands out there, online shopping is a thing. Save yourself the heartache and suggest searching your phone next time your significant other asks you to go shopping with her, 9 times out of ten there’s an app for the store she wants to go shopping at.

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