Saturday , 25 March 2017


Only In Asia

Don’t get me wrong, as Asia still do have many awesome places for you to visit and to have a wonderful vacation, but generally people over there are a bit weird and crazy. See yourself some such crazy things about Asia that are currently rolling on the internet.

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Some People Are Born To Do Things Wrong

It’s so pity to see people around us doing things terribly wrong. No matter which era they’re living in, still they seem to be like those ancient illiterates. Either these people are insanely stupid or they’re looking to be cool in front of others by intentionally doing things wrong. However, you can’t just stop laughing after seeing these dumb people …

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Weird Kind of People You May See Roaming in Your City

The World is colorful. If all the people would be same, then we would never have versatility in this beautiful world. But holy sh*t! These people have gone too far to be different. After watching them, if you would say, you have seen aliens roaming on the planet Earth, I will, without any hesitation, believe on your every single bullshit. …

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