17 Ridiculous Products That Are Just For Women For No Good Reason

“Why are there no hammers made for women?” is a question that has never been asked by anybody anywhere. Least of all by anyone who has actually swung a hammer. Here’s a list of similarly unnecessary products 1. Lady Hammer Pink 2. Monterey Jill Cheese 3. Laxative For Women 4. Glue Just 4 Girls 5. Tape Just For Girls 6. ...

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The Books You Can Stumble Upon In This One Store Are Ridiculous, But Awesome

Around a month ago, Jeff Wysaski of Pleated Jeans (alternately known as Reddit user obviousplant) revamped his local bookstore’s sections with more accurate labeling. Now he’s back with hilarious new additions (or should we say…editions) to plant for our entertainment. Instead of relabeling shelves, Jeff took to creating fake self-help books on the most absurd topics. These would admittedly make ...

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Cheeky Bus Ad Raises Colon Cancer Awareness With Butt-Crack Seats

Commuters riding the buses in Chicago are about to see a whole lot more butts, but it’s all for a good cause. Meredith’s Miracles, a charity established to raise awareness about colon cancer and rectal cancer, covered the backsides of Chicago’s buses with bums that invite commuters to get their colons checked. Colon cancer is currently the second-most deadly cancer ...

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Things Every British Schoolgirl Did In The ’00s

“Am I ‘Charlie Red’ or ‘So…. Kiss Me!’ today?” Spent ages playing the “Love Calculator” and working out which way of doing it would give you the best result.  Played M.A.S.H. during rainy day lunch breaks. And you’d do both of these with your huge collection of gel pens. Bought individually from the counter in WH Smiths, of course. Agonised ...

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Reasons Why Making Friends Is So Much Harder When You’re An Adult

You finally found a job, a mate, and a not-embarrassing apartment only to realize you have no one to celebrate with. What the hell happened? 1. You have actual responsibilities now. Responsibilities take time and make you tired. And all those people you’d like to hang out with? Yeah, they have responsibilities too. Want to meet for lunch? Sure I’ll ...

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