Wednesday , 26 April 2017


Mind Blowing Humor Induced by HTML in These Images

Now, these images prove that everything can be funny, even the boring computer language like HTML can give rise to humor if it is written in the fun style. In these images, you will see the funny side of HTML. Forget the fear of boredom that such difficult code languages bring; it is time to entertain you. So check all …

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Freaking Way to Take parking Lot Revenge

There are so many people who somehow buy the car but know nothing about parking. They sometimes park their cars in the silliest way that annoys the other drivers. Not all drivers simply ignore these parking lot mistakes. Many people even go further and decide to take revenge. And when an irritated person takes revenge then he takes it the …

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Dad’s clever notes will make you think twice about parenthood

As much as I want to believe it, parenthood isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. I just adopted a rescue pup and he can be quite the handful, toys all over the place, messy eater, the usual. Clearly, I’m not ready to have children as I compare babies and puppies, but they’re in the same ballpark right? If you’re …

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Silly People Who Get Things Totally Wrong

Our world is a mixture of peculiar people and sometimes these strange people cross the limits of insensibility. To do things right, you must first have to understand them fully. But not everyone get things right. There are so many people in the world that never get things in the right way. And they are called silly people. Let’s see …

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