Tuesday , 16 October 2018


Gentlemen’s Clubs Have Their Rules Too

First and foremost the dancers all had these ‘must follow’ rules at the top of their lists. DO NOT try to make out with the dancers. DO NOT slap the girl’s asses. DO NOT pull hair. NO huge boners. Tipping – They expect tips all the time. From dancing on stage, sitting down with you for a nice conversation, to …

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These Things Are Too Big For Our World

Traffic lights We aren’t used to seeing this object so close so it usually looks a bit smaller. In fact, traffic lights are as tall as the average child. An excavator Excavator ERShR-7000 is a true giant in the world of earthmoving technologies. This machine takes off the upper ground layer before people start extracting minerals. It has 16 buckets …

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Shower Thoughts Vol.22

Most of these Shower Thoughts will be things that simply make you go “huh” but others may blow your mind. It’s time to see which is which.

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A College Student Forgets A Confident Mistake On An Essay

In college, with all the partying and “studying,” important details might fall through the cracks. That’s exactly what happened to Zoey Oxley on an essay she wrote about wind symphony. After submitting the paper Oxley realized she didn’t change the name from ‘Professor whats his nuts‘ to the proper name. Her professor, John Hendel, tweeted about the mistake and seemed …

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