Man Takes Engagement Photos With A Burrito

His name is David Sikorski and he’s in love with a burrito. A carne asada from Taqueria La Cumbre to be exact. Sikorski said he was tired of all the wedding photos he saw on Facebook. So he decided to do something about it. His solution was to ask Kristina Bakrevski, a friend and professional photographer, to show Sikorski and ...

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Amazon #PrimeDay Happened and the Internet Hated it

Amazon touted #PrimeDay to be this amazing day that would beat Black Friday, but it was anything but that. If you didn’t check it out it was pretty much a digital garage sale. Needless to say, based on reactions to the deals offered on a day Amazon had hoped would catapult its Prime subscription to the next level of online ...

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Stroll down nostalgia lane with these awesome G.I. Joe facts

G.I. Joe was was truly a phenomenon. Starting with the action figures and moving on to TV shows, comics, and even movies, the legacy of G.I. Joe looks like it’s likely to live on for many years to come. Regardless, G.I. Joe has an incredible legacy with many interesting components that you probably didn’t know about. G.I. Joe exists because ...

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Are these the WORST eyebrow fails ever? From barely-there arches to meet-in-the-middle caterpillars, people who should have stepped away from the tweezers

Celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have brought eyebrows to the forefront of the nation’s beauty regimes. Now it seems that untamed brows are no longer acceptable in the world of beauty as bloggers, make-up artists and famous faces alike attempt daring new styles and shapes. However, as social media proves, there is sometimes such a thing as too ...

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