Friday , 21 September 2018


Contractor Busts Partying Kids In The Worst Way Possible

Meet Kevin, a 35-year-old contractor who recently dealt with a very interesting day on the job. Kevin was hired to work on a customer’s house while they were in Europe, but found the remnants of a party from the night before. “In 35 years nothing like that has ever happened so I’m on pace for another 35 boring years. I’m …

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The Biggest Movie Mistakes From 2017

Nobody’s perfect. When you’re working with tons of footage, in a multi-million dollar film that has a hard deadline, things are gonna get missed. Multiple takes tend to mess up continuity and as much as editors and the production guys try to be diligent, they’re not perfect. And that’s ok. According to Movie Mistakes, these were the biggest mistakes of …

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New App Matches You To Your Art Doppelgänger

The Google Arts and Culture app released a new feature that matches you with your art doppelgänger from museums around the world. The trend of finding your art doppelgänger has been popular for some time, so people were pumped to try it without actually having to go out to a museum. Surprisingly, some of the results have been scary accurate.

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Bad First Date Stories

We’ve all had our fair share of bad first dates, but hopefully not with your own relative. That kind of behavior is only acceptable on ‘Game of Thrones’.

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Siblings Can Be Absolute Savages Sometimes

If you have with siblings than you know, nothing is crazier than sibling rivalry. They know your deepest darkest fears and they will use them against you. These people shared the craziest things they did to their siblings and its a good ad for birth control.

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