Saturday , 25 November 2017


IT Workers Share the Most Idiotic Things People Have Told Them

Do you know what PICNIC means? No, we’re not talking about an alfresco meal you pack into a hamper and enjoy in a sunny field. We’re talking about the acronym, because PICNIC stands for “Problem In Chair, Not In Computer.” If this sounds familiar then chances are that you probably work in IT support, and if that’s the case then …

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Parents leave babysitter the most honest note ever

Babysitting can be strange at times. People entrust the life of their spawns to you, and you have no bearing of how to handle them. Luckily, some parents leave notes to help out with their little demons. And what we have here might be the most honest note that parents have ever left for a babysitter. The babysitter’s boyfriend tweeted …

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