36 Life-Changing Tweets That Reveal Surprising Truths

Whether it’s realizing something profound about relationships, work, or self-awareness, these concise messages offer a glimpse into the moments that can quietly or loudly alter our view of the world. Dive into these tweets for a dose of wisdom, wit, and wonder.

Source: twitter.com


  1. I used to think that buying some new toy — a new gadget or whatever — would make me happy. It took me a while to realize that most of the toys I bought, I played with enthusiastically for a day or two, and then I put them on the shelf and never picked them up again. Real happiness comes from relationships with other people and with God, and with accomplishing something of value.

  2. I often hear people ridicule the idea of “turn the radio down so I can look for this address”. They’ll sneer, “Oh? Noise interferes with your eyesight? Hah hah hah!!” No. It’s that distractions, like noise, interfere with being able to pay attention to what I’m seeing. Do you think you could complete a math test while someone was screaming in your ear? Why not? Does the sound interfere with your ability to read the questions on the page? Yes, it does. Because it’s hard to concentrate when there are distractoins.

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