Monday , 19 February 2018


Top-notch Tweets

Am I being too specific with that title? Simply put, these are Tweets that knocked the humor out of the park. So enjoy you quiet chuckles in peace.

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Kids Make The Most Brutal Gift Cards

Kid’s “Glad You’re Not Dead” Gift To Grandpa Valentines Day Card From A Student My Friends Little Son Gave His Teacher A Get Well Card One Of My Girlfriends Students Gave Her This Card For Her Birthday As If Being Deployed For Valentines Day Isn’t Bad Enough… Thanks Donovan In The Hospital With Pancreatitis, This Is The Get Well Soon …

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Hilarious Tweets That Reveal The Hidden Side of Married Life

Married life is all about trust and responsibility and building a secure and loving environment with your soul mate. It’s also about fighting over who gets to poop first. It’s important to know these two sides of the coin, that way you aren’t expecting everything to be sugar and roses when it’s really more mundane than that. Which isn’t a …

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