Saturday , 25 November 2017


Funny Homework Posts You Can Read Instead of Doing Homework

Homework can be one of the toughest things in a young person’s life. Not for everyone, of course. Some people just do it and are done with it. For other people it’s a struggle. I still have nightmares about homework and I haven’t been in school in years. That’s some serious long term damage, deep in the gray matter, type …

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Woman leaves car parked overnight, returns to find awesome note

Most of the time you find a note on your car, it’s to let you know that you parked like an asshole, owe money to the government, or that Randy’s Lawn Service will also clean out your gutters for free. But this woman was treated to a pleasant surprise when she read the note attached to her windshield after parking …

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The worst things people have shared with their family or friends

On Instagram, we asked you “What’s the worst thing you’ve you accidentally shared with your friends or family” and you guys did not disappoint. See some of the best responses below or check out our Instagram for more! “Got drunk off jager on Christmas Eve and brought home a one night stand… we did the walk of shame while the …

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