Friday , 21 September 2018


Lifehacks From The 1960’s (That Still Work Today!)

1. The magnetic paintbrush cleaner After doing some painting, it is important to keep your paint brushes clean and sturdy for the next use. Cleaning them can be a lot of trouble, especially when you’ve used paint that’s oil-based, and it’s important to keep the bristles from becoming overly sticky or bent. Once this happens to the paint brushes, they …

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Titanic Survivors Share Their Amazing Stories

The sinking of the Titanic was a horrific disaster. More than half of the 1503 passengers lost their lives in the frigid Atlantic ocean that night. Since then, tales of that fateful evening have become the stuff of legends. The survivors themselves are legends. Their stories are powerful and moving, showing the remarkable resiliency of the human spirit and an …

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Go back in time with abandoned film sets that are still standing today

The Town of Spectre sits untouched on an island in Alabama. The town was used for Tim Burton’s film, Big Fish. Buildings and props still stand in Port Royal from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. You can find them in the Wallilabou Bay of St. Vincent. The now abandoned buildings of The Hunger Games’ District 12 sit in Henry …

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