Saturday , 25 February 2017

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Hilarious Pictures of Guys Caught Staring

You know exactly how this feels guys! You see an angel walking by and just have to take another look, then another, and soon enough it is a full on stare. You try to play it cool, you think you are the sneakiest guy around. “She’ll never know I’m checking her out” you say to yourself. “I’m a ninja” you …

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People Making The Best Of Bad Situations

Everyone has a bad day or something unfortunate that has happened to them, but it’s all how you deal with those little moments of crap that can define who you are. You can sit down and let the misery wash over you, or stand up and say “Hey! I’m going to turn this cracked phone screen into spiderman’s web.” Those …

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This tiny dog trolls a DIY job masterfully

Meet this adorable tiny dog. No name provided so let’s call her “Maise” for now. Maise used to go up and down the stairs until one day she took a tumble and has been scared ever since. So “Megan” (also no name provided) decides to fix up her stairs a bit to help Maise out. She doesn’t want to ruin …

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