Monday , 23 January 2017

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18 Weird Kids

Children are wonderful because they have a pure, innocent view of the world. And that’s also why they do such strange, strange things.

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Weird Break-Up Reasons

“It wasn’t working”, or “They were a jerk” are played out. These people ended relationships for minor and yet totally understandable reasons.

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Funny Signboards On Earth That Are Hilarious Enough To Make You Laugh

Funny Signboards On Earth That Are Hilarious Enough To Make You Laugh Have you ever asked yourselves why there are so many unwanted, weird and crazy signboards all over the streets? If you’re wondering the real purpose of such funny signboards, then I’ve just realized one reason for that. Every signboard is made for publicity and publicity comes only through …

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I Really Don’t Know What These People Are Up To

Sometimes it’s just hard to explain what some people are trying to do. They may all go crazy and might be doing most unexplainable things in the world. Here are some people who don’t even know what they’re trying to convince others. Either they’re trying to get things done pretty easy way or they’re trying to make themselves look cool …

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WTF Google Map Pictures

One thing that we believed to be perfect was the internet, especially the Google. But from this gallery even it came out to be not true. If you’re a person like million others who solely depends on Google every day for their daily things, then these pictures might be something that you’ll regret seeing. Here are some of the WTF …

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Sometimes The World Is A Sad, Sad Place To Live In

World War II veteran from Belarus Konstantin Pronin, 86, sits on a bench as he waits for his comrades at Gorky park during Victory Day in Moscow, Russia, on Monday, May 9, 2011. Konstantin comes to this place every year after WWII finished. This year he was the only person from the unit  A 10 year old girl in Syria …

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