Saturday , 6 February 2016

  • Konsultants

    This is the best explains ever for this photo!

  • christina


  • matt

    You should sell a shirt with this print on it!

  • my name

    only one?

  • cheychey

    uhh thats just wrong and his legs look odd comared to his body lik both feet are left or right

  • Raymond

    Lol that is funney stuff

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  • Betty Alba

    wow solved problem!!!

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  • He

    OH ! My questions are answered.

  • Cyberian

    color paint the midget’s body and it’s perfect. it’s a nice one though!

  • Blue Phoenix


  • Babee-Kaz

    okaayy lol

  • rae

    because his pants are so loose that the back pocket of one leg has moved to the side

  • Funny News @ Funny Facebook

    Very good, it’s true

  • Paigepytel

    lol feel bad to be the guy walking

  • MindsSpark

    wait, is it two midgets fully clothed with one huge T-shirt, or is the one on top naked and the one below only has pants on?

  • R. Cat

    This looks like the Presidio in San Francisco. This is right at the entrance of the Golden Gate Bridge. This idiot was probably on his way to jump off.

  • Mike_seraglio

    Seriously? A screencap from Hot Fuzz being used in this thread? This site is beyond desperate.

  • Solo_kitty

    Somehow, the 6th picture is insanely cute ^^

  • Slampus

    …I’m sick of these lameass posts with unrelated pictures.

  • Diego

    Cops chasing goose: scene from briitish movie Hot Fuzz.

  • Pepe

    Worst site on the planet

  • Frosty

    One of these photos is a screen shot from Hot Fuzz..

  • http://none anonymous

    i’m the first pic is being outlawed in some states truly ridiculous fashion trend!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imroee

    I understand the explanation of the first picture, but the other pictures, I do not understand at all

  • how to jelqing

    Freakey stuff you have here people. WTH!! Keep up the good work guys, my site is not as good as yours but I believe it will become popular some day.

  • Antibona

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  • doorBrentee

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