Monday , 8 February 2016

  • kasup

    great collection…

  • HHH

    Most of these are made up.

    Einstein was an atheist from 12 years age and forth.

  • Nadia


    Made up? Yeah, because you’re an Atheist yourself.

    Einstein was an Agnostic Theist so, suck it.

  • k

    Einstein was an excellent Humane Package in entirety.He was simply Great. God bless all.

  • sameer

    don’t give Einstein name for your own quotes…..please

  • A.T.KASA

    Einstein had an exceptional great mind….It was God’s GIFT to him, to serve humanity…..He believed in the Creator God also…..I salute him….God bless all….He is returning to earth…MARANATHA…

  • Sauce

    Most of these quotes are made by someone else. Never heard of Einstein ever saying the word “LAME”. Bunch of idiots.

  • daniel

    yeah I believe that many of those quotes are made up by some wannabe philosopher. Funny how the
    quotes tend to get longer as the pages go by. On the third page they even get long enough for one to miss the whole point. Most of the quotes are pseudo Taoism gobbledegook. But some, and I believe the ones
    written by Einstein are simple and pure in manifesting a deep knowledge.
    “you can make quotes but keep them short or you will be short of quotes”.
    daniel thorkell magnusson

  • http://Google Christopher Bwalya

    Touchy collection hope they are authentically Einstein’s

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  • Brandon

    im only after reading the first page and am not yet ready to judge the Authenticity of these quotes , but what id like to poit out is the quote “science without religion is LAME , religion without science is blind”,
    the term LAME isnt used for the same meaning its most commonly used for today , the philosopher ment

    Lameness is a term used for horses that have a leg/hoof injury. They turn up limping and people say they are lame. It’s a very vague term, and it’s usually used if there are no other obvious injuries. There are lots of way to become lame. A horse could just trip, or a horse could be over worked and putting stress on the body, muscle strains, or they could just tear something while outside.

    jus like to point that out to Sauce, 😛

  • Henrik

    Who shot the photo?

  • KillerTeddybear

    My all time favorite is and excuse punctuation “Only two things are infinite the Universe and Human Stupidity, And I’m not too sure about the universe.”

  • Ralvie

    Nadia, you disingenuous cunt, apparently the understanding of a Spinozist doesn’t come across to you as it is effectively expressing an explicit atheism in his time.

  • Wye

    What? Just because the quote doesn’t reflect what you believe you just call it “Fake”??

    @”Never heard of Einstein ever saying the word “LAME””
    Never heard of it? You knew him when he was alive?

  • mustaq

    when i see the formula E= mc2 i thought how a small is this!!!! but when i came to this that formula is wonder for scientists for their theories i became a fann of this MAN!!!!
    if HE is alive i must meet him at any cost!!!!!!!!!!!!

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