10 Amazing Products We’ve Come Across This Week

Explore these cutting-edge products and get ready to be amazed by their exceptional features and functionalities. Whether you’re seeking convenience, style, or a touch of technological brilliance, these 10 gems are sure to leave a lasting impression.

This mini portable projector is awesome! It fits in the palm of your hand and you can setup movie night anywhere!


Put a lazy susan in your fridge to make accessing stuff in the back quicker/easier. Also works great in bathroom and kitchen cabinets


An impact driver should be part of every man’s toolbox. I swear there were rainbows, birds singing, and angelic harps playing after driving my first screw into a 2×4 with the impact driver


Replace that chintzy lug nut wrench in your car with this one. It has a telescoping handle that extends to a whopping 22 inches long. That length gives you better leverage for loosening stubborn nuts, and it can make the difference between being stranded and getting yourself back on the road


When I go to a meeting with my laptop I can disconnect from ALL my peripherals and monitors with one cable. In the past it took fucking forever to reintegrate my laptop with the shit on my desk


If you have neck and back pain from chronically bad posture while sitting at your desk, consider a kneeling chair. It straightens your back from the lower base of the spine right up to the top of your neck and places your head in an optimal position to maintain this posture for hours on end


I come home sore almost all the time from lifting weights and working out with the track team, and it’s my favorite part of the day when I get to come home and put some of this in my bath! It smells amazing and always relieves my soreness almost instantly. Not to mention I always sleep so much better after using it!


This 4 in 1 Emergency Tool was designed by firefighters in the aftermath of the San Francisco Bay Area’s 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. It shuts off the gas valve, the water meter, pries open doors and can help you dig through debris


Electric lawn tools aren’t a gimaick. The Ego string trimmer has just as much power as the gas Stihl and being battery operated it’s even easier to use. No worries about mixing gas/oil, dealing with fuel preservatives, buying ethanol free gas and so quiet that you can listen to music or podcasts without blowing out your ears


This cordless and pivoting handheld vacuum’s distinctive pivoting nozzle and powerful suction make short work of tidying up around the home or in the car

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