10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

There are certain questions that burn in the back of your mind throughout your life.

Why is it when oil prices were $110/barrel I paid $4/gallon at the pump, but now that they are $60/barrel I pay $3/gallon at the pump?


That is only the price of crude oil, which still needs to be refined in order to be used in your car. The price of crude oil is not going to be exactly proportional to the price of gasoline because the costs to process the crude oil haven’t necessarily gone down.


How Can Cats Can Survive Falls From Great Heights?

First, cats have a high body surface area in proportion to their weight, reducing the pressure to their bodies when they hit the ground (because pressure equals force divided by area).

Second, because of their surface area and their low weight they reach terminal velocity, or the speed at which the pull of gravity is matched by wind resistance, much quicker than larger animals like humans. This means that they fall at a slower speed and subsequently hit the ground with less force. Again via the BBC:

For instance, an average-sized cat with its limbs extended achieves a terminal velocity of about 60mph (97km/h), while an average-sized man reaches a terminal velocity of about 120mph (193km/h), according to the 1987 study by veterinarians Wayne Whitney and Cheryl Mehlhaff.

Though we see cats usually living in someone’s house, cats are traditionally arboreal animals (they live in trees). Because sooner of later they are bound to fall, and any tree-dwelling animal will eventually pounce for prey and miss, cats are evolutionarily adapted to survive falls. That is to say, it is evolutionarily beneficial to be able to survive a fall, and as such modern house cats retain this ancestral adaptation.

Third, again through natural selection, cats have what is called aerial righting reflex which allows them to, given enough time, sense that they are falling incorrectly and spin themselves around like a sky diver or astronaut so that their feet are facing the ground. Having your main shock absorbers hit the ground instead of your back is crucial for fall survival. Interestingly, every animal that lives in the trees has a similar reflex, suggesting the same evolutionary process. You can see a shot by shot view of the aerial righting reflex below.


The shot by shot view of the aerial righting reflex that allows cats to pretty much always land on their feet. Also notice how in the last section of the fall pictured about that the cat is extending its legs and arching the back. This allows the cat to absorb more force once it hits the ground. Both a straight back and unprepared legs will most likely increase the risk of injury for the cat.

Fourth, cats also spread out their legs when they fall (as seen in the first picture above), increasing their surface area and slowing their descent by increasing the air’s drag on their bodies. Just how much this action slows their descent is unclear.

Fifth, cats have long muscular legs, adapted for climbing trees, that act as great shock absorbers. The same large muscles that allow them to jump many times their own height allows them to divert energy into decelerating them once they hit the ground instead of breaking bones. Because much of what is destructive about a collision is how rapidly a body decelerates, having long, springy legs allows cats to decelerate more slowly, thus reducing the seriousness of the collision.


What is the reality and truth behind the ads that say “Earn $5,000 per week while working at home.”

The truth is almost all of those require you to purchase products from a company and then resell them to whoever you can (normally family and friends). They have many ways of hiding this fact for as long as possible but almost all of them come down that simple concept.

“Buy our product and resale it for more than you bought it for.”


What are the differences on all those washing machine cycles?

Different fabrics tolerate different levels of physical stress and water temperature. If you wash something delicate on a very vigorous or hot cycle, it’s more likely to come out wrinkled or with weakened seams. If something is very bulky, a fast spin cycle will probably lead to an unbalanced load. If something is very dirty, it needs harsher treatment than something that just has a little body odor. IIRC, a permanent press cycle is gentler and shorter than a cotton cycle, and it’s designed to reduce wrinkling.

Part of it is also that people will choose to purchase a machine that has more options, even if those options don’t have a significant performance difference. Similar to how a bike with 18 speeds will sell better than one with only three, even though you probably only need three.

Most of your laundry can be done in cold water. Always use a cold rinse cycle; warm or hot is completely useless (your clothes should already be clean by that point) and just wears out your clothes faster.


Does it really makes a difference if I purchase a $12 saloon shampoo or a $1.99 cvs brand?

YES. Especially if you have color treated or fine hair. There is nothing inherently wrong with drug store shampoo, but it is essentially the same chemically as hand soap. Not awful, but a little harsh, especially if you have color treated hair. As far as fine hair goes, many drug store brands leave coating of residue on the hair that can make it look even more flat and dull to boot. Salon products use the same TYPES of ingredients, but in higher qualities, and generally keep your hair looking better for longer. I am actually not huge on the whole sulfate – free haircare trend, but I have found that the particular types of sulfates, and their combination with other quality ingredients make a difference. It all depends on you. If you are happy with the results you get with drug store shampoo, and don’t want to spend more, then by all means keep on with it. I’ve generally found that guys/people with un color treated/short hair can look just fine with drug store stuff. Not so much for those with long, complicated locks.


Why do “entry level positions” require 2 years of experience?

It means entry level for that company. What most companies have realized is that they can ask for higher requirements for the same pay, and they’ll get qualified people they can spend less time and money training.

The training part is the biggest thing. A lot of companies are really bad with training. In order to get completely fresh employees on board would be a full time job in itself and most companies aren’t willing to pay someone to do that.

Most companies are hoping to get an already “office-trained” employee so that they can give them the bare bones training and let them run with it. Other employees tend to be available for questions but they have a job they’re supposed to be doing as well.


How do penny auction sites work?

You join the site but have to purchase ‘credits’ to bid on stuff. You can bid on things only in small increments, therefore penny auctions. Often times by the time you bid on something and win it, with what you paid in credits you may as well have just bought the item new because it’s not uncommon to pay just as much if not more than the retail price for something on one of these auctions. It is possible to win an auction for very cheap, but not likely. It’s more like a form of gambling than anything.

Let’s say you’ve put an iPad up for auction with a starting price of $0.01 and somebody wants to buy it, they raise the bid to $0.02 but you charge them $0.50 for making the bid. If you only allow bids to go up one cent at a time, by the time the bidding reaches $100, you’ll have collected $1000 in bid fees before somebody actually buys the goods from you.  That means if the final bid is $100.00, there was $100 worth of bids. This is on top of the $100 the winning bidder must pay for the product. So essentially the auctioneer is getting twice the winning bid for any product. All they have to do is sell the product for at least half of what they paid for it and they make a profit.

Are they a scam?

This isn’t technically a scam, because there are some rare instances where it works out in your favor, but in the vast majority of cases you will lose money by buying things for more than you really had to pay.

Sure, you might buy an iPad for $50 but how do you get there?

Every time you raise the bit $0.01 cent, you use a bid that you purchased (let’s say that costs $0.50) and it extends the length of the auction, so the other bidders can jump in on it.

They’ve already pulled in $2500 from bid fees before they sell that iPad for $50.

The problem is that it doesn’t always stop at $50. Some people have already thrown in $100 on their bids, so they’re not going to stop – they’ve already “invested” too much money to walk away from the auction (and the system is designed to give them plenty of time to counter with a higher bid).

While, technically, you could get lucky and get something cheap, the overall system is a giant gamble that’s designed to pray on human psychology to sucker people out of money. If you win at all, you’ll probably have spent nearly as much money as you would have if you purchased it new (and there’s a significant chance you won’t win at all & you’ll end up wasting money).


When you turn the light off in a room, where does the light go?

The light is absorbed in the walls (and everything else that the light hits). The energy from the light is converted into heat. The light could be reflected from a surface (and that’s what lets you see it), and then hits another surface. Eventually some surface will absorb it so it goes away. Since light moves so incredibly rapidly, this all happens too fast for us to perceive.


Why do we act dumb around a crush?(Unable to talk, mess up easy tasks, ect.)

Because we are focused on our crush and the way they are perceiving us, we are less focused on the task at hand. If you are less focused, you are more likely to make mistakes.

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