10+ Aweome Products For Safety, Security And Peace of Mind

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Get fire extinguishers. Stop putting it off. The cost is nothing compared to the risk. Get one per floor and don’t get the cute little ones – get 5lb or 10lb models – these will get you between 10 and 20 seconds of spray

First Aid KitClean, Treat & Protect Most Injuries With The Kit that is great for Any Home, Office, Vehicle, Camping & Sports or Emeregency

Fenix makes excellent tactical flashlights. The PD36R is durable AF and bright AF. The highest setting will light up an entire alley like it’s daytime.

Head Lamps – Gives you light where you need it most of the time freeing your hands for other things.

Keep one of these emergency radios in your bug out bag if shit should hit the fan

MMREs (Meal Ready to Eat) are the ideal emergency preparedness and survival food — they are ready to eat, with no preparation required

Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff 4-in-1 Tool

Emergency Whistle – No one wants to think about being trapped during a natural disaster, but it does happen. Screaming for help might get a rescuer’s attention, but the high-pitched shrill of a whistle is far more likely to cut through the din of a fire, a windstorm, or emergency sirens.

If you live in a 2-story building, a fire escape ladder might be in your best interest in case of an emergency

Power inverter (for the car) – A power cut-off can keep you from being able to call for help or to charge tools and devices—unless you own a car, that is, in which case you can harness the vehicle’s 12-volt DC electrical system to run or charge a wide variety of the 110-volt AC hardware you’d normally plug into a wall at home.

Water container – Rigid water containers made of blue polyethylene consistently perform better than opaque collapsible ones for both storage (they offer more durability and leak resistance, and prevent bacterial growth) and pouring

Emergency Survival Water Pouch – The pouches are tough, flexible, and slim enough that you can easily pack them around your other emergency items in a bag, and they don’t expire for five years

A smoke alarm that sends alerts to your phone – One of the downfalls of standard smoke alarms is that they only alert you to danger if you’re in the house. If you’re at work or somewhere else, you may not know the alarm is going off until serious damage has been done.That’s why smart smoke detectors have become so popular

Honda Gas Generator – This model is quiet, efficient, reliable—with enough power to run a fridge and then some—and light enough for one person to carry.

Best and cheapest source of home surveillance out there for the price. Easy to install

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