10 Awesome Products To Buy This Weekend

Should your car tire lose pressure at a mall parking lot or campsite, this super portable tire inflator is powered by a car’s 12-volt battery system and will pump up your tires with ease. It also lets you set the PSI so you can set it and forget it

Quick and simple way to screen for Covid at home. They are FDA approved and give the results in 15 minues

I hear from many people that these things boosts your immune system to allow your body to fight a cold more effectively and shortens the lifespan of a cold

If you are insecure about your height, these are the best shoe lifts out there. Adjustable from 1-2 inches and actually comfortable to walk in!

Monitor arms are the best! Not only do you save a lot of desk space, you can also adjust the monitor in any damn way you please

How to keep bugs out of your house/apartment while leaving the doors open for your dogs/cats

For anyone experiencing difficulty falling asleep — or staying asleep, a white noise machine is a great investment. It helps reduce outside distractions, mask “inside” distractions and It soothes you by tapping into a very ancient calming reflex that is related to the sound babies hear in the womb

If you enjoy making cafe style coffee at home, this thing makes perfect frothy milk quickly and easily

Perfect bluetooth speaker for the shower. The battery lasts long and the sound is very good

If you run or hike, this lace system is the best. You never have to worry about your shoes laces coming undone. And it’s literally a cinch to get them to the right tightness

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